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Game Vs. Cowboys: Head Coach Wade Phillips

"It was a heckuva win for us. I couldn't be more proud of our players and assistant coaches who did a tremendous job getting ready for this ballgame. We obviously were ready to play. Everybody played well – special teams, offense and defense. In the games we've won, that's the way we played. I couldn't be happier for our guys."

"That's the way to go into the playoffs. We still have the playoffs to go, but I think that's the way you need to go into the playoffs. We certainly couldn't go in on a higher note."

"We know we play Philadelphia again next week. I think they are one of the best teams in the playoffs. It will be a challenge again. But we will savor this win right now."

"I thought everybody played well and I thought the coaches coached well. That's a good combination."

"Our offense started controlling the ball and scoring touchdowns early and then our defense played outstanding. With a combination of that, you're going to win."

On if his team had back-to-back shutouts before: "I can't recall, but I'd be surprised if I ever have. They are just hard to get…What an effort. What an effort by the defense. Like I said, we controlled the ball in the first half which really helped us. In the second half, they had some opportunities and they had the ball some, but our guys made some plays."

"They went to their pass offense early obviously. They had to because they were behind and we are pretty good on pass defense."

"They are still scary. They've got great weapons. They have a great quarterback. We tried keep them from getting the long ball on us and also we had to be aware of Westbrook this game. We did a good job with those things."

"I've said all along I believed in this team and I believe it's a different year, it's a different team. I think it played out that way. It's a 16-game season. Like I've been saying all along, 'let's wait and see what happens'. We didn't want to wait there when we lost a couple of games in a row, but we finished it the right way whether it was December or not."

"We're going to worry about the next game. It doesn't matter who you're playing. I think if you go into the playoffs like we have, it gives you a good opportunity. We all know that playoff teams are there because they have good players and they've earned their way in. Philadelphia has won 11 games, just as we have."

"They're tough to beat. Division teams know you well. They are tough to beat any way you do it. I think playing at home and having won should give us some confidence. But we still have to go out and do it."

"It's not about me. It's about our team. I'm proud of the way they played especially since what happened last year. People are always going to back to that unless you do something about it. This team did something about it. So, I'm proud of them."

"I felt Tony played well. The offensive line protected well. (Philadelphia) did a lot of blitzing. We made them pay for some of those blitzes. They are a good team too and I think our offense did a heckuva job."

On defending DeSean Jackson: "He's a Pro Bowl receiver. You have to be aware of where he is. Again, I thought our players did a heckuva job of knowing where their strengths were and taking those things away from them. We doubled him a lot. They put him in a lot more crossing routes than they did earlier in the season. We had to be aware of that. I thought our guys made some good plays on him there too."

On Felix Jones: "He's our home run threat. He'll hammer up in there and hammer up in there. All of a sudden, he'll break one. He's consistently done that since we've had him. With Marion in there, he started out with 68 yards in the first quarter, he hammered them pretty well. Then Felix came in and made some really good plays."

"I think the running game has been the key for the last several games. We've traded off with those guys rather than going a series or two with one guy. It works better if we just put them in there. Usually you say a guy has to get into rhythm, but those two guys are in rhythm pretty good when they get in there. So, it's a change of pace that I think is hard on defenses."

"We've got to feel good about this team the last games…We've beat two outstanding teams late in the year like this. I think that going into the playoffs, it's got to help you confidence-wise."

On beating a team 3 times: "We're just going to play who we play. We know who it is now. I don't think you can worry about that. You just have to worry about how they play, what routes they run, how their quarterback plays, what's their running is, what their defense is, what their schemes are, and all those things. We'll go back to look at them again and see what they did this game and see if we can adjust."

On if he will anticipate changes from Philadelphia: "I would imagine they would make some. We do against each other every time. A lot of it is matchup."

"Miles Austin made two great catches that nobody makes that were big plays. Tony scrambled around and found people. We did good things that we can hopefully do again."

"We're a real strong-minded team. We're real confident right now. We said it going into New Orleans, they played like champs. They act like champs. They play like champs. I think that's a big part of it."

"The victories we had were based on offense, defense and special teams. A lot of times you'll have one group play pretty good to win the game and the others play alright – one out of three or two out of three. But a lot of our wins have been all three areas. I think that's an important step of being a solid football team."

On Suisham's miss: "I thought he made but they said he didn't. I thought it went through. But he hit the ball the good. It was high. They couldn't block it. Unfortunately, you're not going to make every one of them. It definitely was not too crucial at the time at 24-0."

"I'm going to count it as three wins at the end of the season. We won three out of the last four. Somebody else can count it as 2-2 in December."

"We did some things that teams here have not done before which is pretty amazing because the Dallas Cowboys are a tremendous organization that has won a lot of games. The back-to-back shutouts are something our defense can really be proud of."

"(The wins) are not personal. The things you say about me are personal. But our team won it. It's not personal, it's a team win."

"We're going to continue to try to do things right and try to do things better."

"We're not a big blitzing team. We have a good rush. I thought we hit them enough that it gave them some problems. They were in a lot of max-protection…it's just hard to get there but it's also hard to get receivers open. Even though they had a lot of time, they didn't get a lot of guys open. That's what you give up when you go max-protect."

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