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Game Vs. Cowboys: Eagles Offense

WR Jason Avant

On the unexpected end result of the game against the Dallas Cowboys: "They're a good team. A banged up team right now and I give them a lot of credit. The guys that came out to play were really focused, but when everything goes your way like that, you just have to go out there and perform."

On the play of the defense tonight: "Can't say enough about them. I was getting kind of cold on the sideline there for awhile. In the beginning of the second half, I didn't think we were going to go back out there. Even when (DT Trevor Laws) fell on the ball, he could have gotten up and ran with it. It was just one of those things that I never really experienced. They were bending and bending, and then the big play continued to happen."

On whether the team has any thoughts toward the Minnesota Vikings:"I'm not even worried about it. We're going to look at the film and take it on from there. We know they have a playmaker in (RB) Adrian Peterson and they have a great defense there too. I love (CB) Antoine Winfield, even though he is an Ohio State guy, I love how he plays."

On how scary it is to play the Eagles right now with this much momentum:"It's one of those things. We just keep playing but I'm pretty sure you don't want to play a team with this much potential, but at the same time, no one is scared of us and we understand that so we have to go out and play as hard as we can."

K David Akers

On the mood in the locker room:"It's one of those things like alright, guys, you know, it's a do-or-die type of deal as far as our season goes. It's up to us. Let's not let it slip away."

On having a flashback when going out for the 50-yard field goal attempt: "I didn't even think about that. Actually I didn't even think about that. Everything happened so quickly. I saw the fumble, I looked right at the clock and saw we had five seconds left and I looked at (Head Coach) Andy (Reid) to make sure that he wanted us to try it. We just kind of lined up and basically you really didn't have much time for anything."

On the fumble with five seconds left in the first half: "That's unbelievable; that's huge. We get ten points basically within the last couple seconds of the half."

On making the playoffs with all the scenarios falling in place: "I said to (Head Coach) Andy (Reid), 'Everything aligned today.' The way the defense played with the fumbles and taking them all the way back for touchdowns, it's a phenomenal game just to watch as a fan. It's really, really, really cool. I'm sure you hear around here 'Just get them 'boys' type of deal.' The way to end the season, to get in the playoffs and we needed a lot of help and it happened and once you're in the playoffs you have a chance."

LG Todd Herremans

On making the playoffs: "We have been overcoming the odds all year so I guess this will be the perfect way for this team to make the playoffs."

On having a second chance to control your own destiny:"We really just want to beat the Cowboys any time we play them no matter what. We felt like we kind of gave them that first game down in Dallas. They played great. We felt like we played good enough to win that first one. We knew we had to come out today and do our thing and everything else took care of itself."

On heading into the playoffs:"I feel great going into the playoffs right now. I feel great. I feel like we're hitting a good stride right now. We can make a run at this thing. Everybody has the same record now."

RB Correll Buckhalter

On finishing strong year in and year out: "Coach (Andy) Reid, man. He stays the same no matter what. He never changes. He keeps the same rules, he just stays the same and I think that's a big part of the success of this team. It starts with Coach (Andy) Reid, man. He stays the same through all the ups and downs. He stays the same. He tells us to just believe and play with heart and that's what we do."

On paying attention to the games earlier in the day: "We didn't think about it. I know I didn't. Me and (Brian) Westbrook, we didn't even talk about it, man. We just talked about going out and exploiting the Cowboys."

On his touchdown score: "I was right beside (Jon) Runyan. The play was just designed to get tips on the defensive end. Greg Ellis and DeMarcus Ware to get them out of their pass rush. After I did that, I saw Donovan (McNabb) scrambling so I just made the play."

LT Tra Thomas

On this being one of the best days in his career:"Yeah, this is one of the best days, man. We came out there and just played real good together. It's a great team win. We all did a great job. The defense showed up real big for us."

On this being an example of the character and heart of this town: "Yeah, I think so. We had a lot of heart out there and everybody went out there and just played hard. We knew going into that game that we had a chance so we just went out there and put together a great team win."

On this being one of those games where you know that it is your day:"Yeah. We knew it was our day, man. Especially when we started getting things going right away. It started off, you know, we were 3-3 and then we just exploded and it was real good. Our defense did a great job out there."

On being part of game where so much was on the line and then everything unraveling:"No, that has to be one of the first ones that I have been a part of."

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