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Game Vs. Cowboys: Eagles Offense


Eagles Quarterback Sam Bradford

On what he saw on the interception from the 3-yard line:

"We were calling a play trying to get some man coverage, and they zoned it off. When I got back to [TE Zach] Ertz, it looked like [Cowboys LB] Sean Lee had his back turned to him so I gave him [Ertz] a chance and somehow I threw it to him [Lee] and he made a great play."

On why the running game hasn't gotten going:

"If we knew we wouldn't be having those problems. It's one of those things, obviously I think we are all really frustrated right now. But we are not going to give up, we are not going to quit. We are going to get in there on Tuesday and figure out what we need to get corrected and move on because that is all we can do."

On what happened with the fumble and the exchange with him and C Jason Kelce:

"I'm not sure. It was pretty loud at that point but I hadn't really started my cadence yet. Next thing you know, the ball hit me. So, I think it was just a little bit early."

On whether he feels rusty or that he's pressing or out of rhythm:

"I might feel a little bit of all three of those after tonight. Tonight was pretty tough. But I think the biggest thing for us as an offense is we just have to establish a rhythm. When you go 3 and out, 3 and out, 3 and out, and you're not converting on 3rd down or you're not giving yourself a chance to convert on 3rd down because you're on 3rd and long, it's just tough."

On what he thinks it is right now with his game:

"I am not sure.  It is one of those things, I am going to get back to work on Tuesday, look at the tape and see what went wrong and see what I need to get corrected. I think it is fixable. I don't think it is anything major. It is probably just sharpening up a couple of the finer details."

On whether he thinks he and the receivers could have used more action in preseason:

"I think it is probably easy to say that now but I felt good going into last week. I think that even though we didn't get a ton of reps during the live games, we got a lot of work during camp. So I never said there was a number that I thought I needed to get. I felt good so I think you really can't say."

On his confidence level and the team's:

"I think it is still there. I think obviously everything is still ahead of us. We still believe in ourselves. We still believe in this offense. We know that when we get things going, that we can be a really good offense. I think we just need to get out of our own way. We are just shooting ourselves in the foot, can't get things going. But like I said, we are going to get back to work. We are going to look at the tape and make our corrections. We are going to give everything we have next week against the Jets."

On whether he feels like Atlanta and Dallas tried to take away the vertical game and make them have 10-12 play drives if they want to score:

"A little bit. Obviously I think that was Atlanta's plan, to not let anything get deep. And then tonight Dallas did a good job mixing up the coverage. They played more two than we probably expected. When we struggled to run the ball, it made it easier for them to go to that."

On whether he feels the game is faster than it has been at different points in the past, considering his long layoffs:

"Um, no. I feel the speed is the same. Like I said, I think it's just a little bit off right now. It's obviously not what it was or what it was in the preseason. But I don't think it's a long ways off. I think it is something that we can get fixed."

On the Dallas players disrupting the run game tonight:

"It's their linebackers. That's what it looked like. Tonight they were playing pretty downhill on the run. Give them credit, they did a good job. They obviously made us pretty one dimensional tonight."

On drops being a problem:

"Yeah, I don't know. It's part of the game, it happens. Obviously you hate for them to happen but hopefully we are just getting them all out of the way early."

Eagles RB DeMarco Murray

On why he thinks the running game could not get going tonight:

"I think they did a good job of stopping the run tonight. Offensively, we were not in sync. We made a couple of mistakes that were out of our character. They just played a better game than we did."

On whether he had anywhere to run today:

"Like I said, I have to do a better job of running the ball. I have to get better. Individually, we all have to get better. Collectively we all have to get better. We have to look in the mirror and each guy has to take it upon themselves to get things going."

On whether he is frustrated that he is not getting the amount of carries and opportunities as he was getting last year:

"I am frustrated with losing. Obviously, when you work as hard as we do, I think that every guy is frustrated. We are just not making the plays that we have to as a unit. The defense played a great game. Offensively, we just have to do better."

On what his emotions on the field were today:

"You put a lot of emotions into it. Not just me, but everyone. We just couldn't get things going at different times. We have to be better, no matter what the play calls are. I think individually and collectively, as an offense, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror, watch the film and go on from there."

On how difficult it is to have lower numbers as he is accustomed to having:

"All I am worried about is winning. I am not worried about rushing yards or touchdowns. I am strictly worried about winning. We have to find a way to get it done, it's as simple as that."

On what can be done differently to make it better:

"We have to play better offensively. Offensively, we have not been in sync the first two weeks. Defensively, we played pretty well. When you hold a team to 20 points, we have to give them a pat on the back. We just have to get better."

On whether he can see what defenses are doing to stop this offense:

"They are doing a lot of things at different times. Like I said, we have to look in the mirror, watch the film, be critical of ourselves and each other and go from there."

Can this team perform behind this offensive line:

"Yeah. I think we have the right guys and the right coaching staff. We have the right players offensively, defensively and in the kicking game to be successful. We have to hold each other accountable as players, we have to fix it, it's as simple as that."

On his reactions to Cowboys QB Tony Romo's injury:

"You definitely want him to be alright. He's a great player and hopefully he is alright."

Eagles TE Zach Ertz

On reasons why the offense struggled to move the ball:
"Penalties were killing us. We had first down negative plays, and when you have 2nd-and-14 and you're playing behind the sticks, the defense knows that you have to pass the ball and it's tough to win like that. We're not making plays when we have the opportunity. I should have had that ball today [on the Sean Lee interception]. Things just are not going well for us and we have to right the ship."

On the pass intended for him in the end zone which was intercepted by Dallas LB Sean Lee:

"Sean just made a heck of play. He kind of lucked into it. I was open for a second and I tried to run out of it, and the ball kind of just hit him and he held onto it somehow."

On the different coverages that he saw from the Dallas defense:

"They were rotating guys on me the whole game. Guys that I knew were covering me. I've been going against them for two years now. They know me, I know them, and it just comes down to making plays and we didn't make them today."

On what word he would use to describe the team's 0-2 start:

"Disappointed. We had high hopes and we still have high hopes for the season. Our goals have not changed in any way. Our goal is to win the NFC East. Obviously being 0-2 we're in the hole, but our goals have not changed"

Eagles C Jason Kelce

On whether he thinks the offensive line suffered from the same mistakes as last week:

"It was a different defense, but there were still mistakes. We have to go back and watch this on film, but it obviously doesn't get any worse than this on offense. That was the worst rushing attack I have ever been a part of here. I don't know. We have to go back and watch the film. Obviously, missed blocks are huge. I like to say they did something different than what we expected, but I don't think they did."

On what the offense was saying to each other on the sideline during the game:

"We are trying to get energy and build any momentum we could get. We tried to pick guys up and get something started. We just never did. We never got it going. It seemed like sometimes the run was there and sometimes it wasn't. Sometimes we were pass blocking well, sometimes we weren't. We were very inconsistent. Actually, it has been consistently bad."

On whether he has ever been a part of a game where the offense was able to generate so little:

"There was one game against the Giants two years ago. Other than that, no."

On whether he is surprised the offense cannot generate a running attack after bringing RB DeMarco Murray in over the offseason:

"Right now, it doesn't matter who the running back is, we are not doing anything upfront to give him an opportunity. We have got to get this fixed up front. We have to get it better."

On how much he attributes the offensive line's struggles to having two new guards:

"None. I don't want to… right now, I am not playing well. It doesn't matter who is next to me if I am not getting my job done. I don't think that has much to do with why we are struggling. We are just not getting going."

Eagles RT Lane Johnson

On whether this was one of the toughest games he has ever been a part of:

"Definitely, we shot ourselves in the foot. Hats off to the Cowboys defense. It just comes down to execution on our part. We couldn't get the running or passing game going."

On why he thinks the Cowboys got so much penetration tonight:

"It comes down to execution. We saw what they were going to do all week. The point is to go out there and get it done and we went out there and pissed on our leg. There was nothing surprising about what they did at all. We knew they were going to slant and stunt. That is what they do. They try to create confusion in the running lanes. That is what they did."

On whether he thinks the offensive line's communication was better than last week:

"As far as the right side, I thought our communication was pretty good. I thought we handled them decent."

On whether he knows what kinds of changes the line needs to make going forward:

"We have to watch the film. Everything happened so fast, I can't tell you what really happened. I have to go back to the film to see what they did and where we messed up. It comes down to execution. That is what it was."

What can be done in practice to try to make this offense work better:

"I am sure we may change some things up, as far as scheme. I'm sure the Jets are going to see what the Cowboys did and try to emulate that. We have to find a way to get around that. We have to take this one day at a time and we have to make things happen against the Jets."

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