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Game Vs. Cowboys: Eagles Defense


Fletcher Cox, Defensive End

On Darren McFadden: "He had a few big runs. A few runs he hit on us. That type of stuff happens, and we have to correct it, deal with it and get ready for next week."

On Dez Bryant's TD catch: "I turned around and I saw all our guys on the ground. And I just saw him going up for the ball. A real good play by a great player."

On Jordan Hicks, Philly Linebacker: "Jordan [Hicks], he stepped up. His number was called and he stepped up. He got ready to roll. He always prepares as a starter. He stepped up. He is just stepping up and playing big time, ever since he rolled in."

DeMeco Ryans, Linebackers

On Jordan Hicks, Philly Linebacker: "Jordan [Hicks] is a great player. He stepped in, huge play with a pick six, a route we talked about all week. And he did a great job picking it off, going to the house. He is an outstanding player."

On the game: "It was a lot of back-and-forth, a tough game to watch. It was just great just to see our guys stick together throughout the entire game. When it was on the line for us to win it, we stepped up and made a play this time to win the game."

Jordan Hicks, Linebackers

On his interception and touchdown: "They were in a stack bunch, and the running back was the number two player and he just did a little flare out, an out route. I saw it, it was my coverage and I just jumped it."

On the last time he had a pick-six: "Never! First one. Couple picks [in high school], no pick sixes."

On the interception and touchdown, part one: "It felt good. I tried to just run. Just take off. It felt real good. Especially being back here in Dallas. … It was nice being back. Love the atmosphere. It is always fun."

On the interception and touchdown, part two:  "I was just doing my job, man. Just jumped the route, did my job, and the ball ended up in my hands. … Usually when they get in a little stack route, somebody is coming in quick or coming out quick. I saw him go out quick and I just tried to go. … I was just patient. Tried to slow play it. Read which route they were bringing and just took off."

On his team: "I couldn't have done it without all the guys around me. We have a team full of vets, leaders, guys who understand the game, and they are very good at it. They have helped me a ton."

On the game: "It was awesome. It was awesome. All those lead changes and going back and forth. It was a crazy game. A lot of fun to be a part of."

Brandon Graham, Linebacker

On the season: "It is still there in front of us. I see the Giants won today. We are just always in a battle. The NFC East is always a tough one. It always comes down to the end. For us, we have to just take it one week at a time. Like we've been doing, just keep working hard and everything else will take care of itself."

On how he got two sacks:  "This week, we were talking about basically the last game, when I bull rushed them a lot. For this week, I tried to fake the bull, stamp outside and sell speed. It ended up working. Plus we had people in the back end doing their job, because I am sure coverage was tight. We knew he was getting that ball out of there pretty fast. A lot of time. I think for us we just made sure we just kept going and kept working, and I ended up getting two."

On his taunting penalty: "The taunting call was just me being emotional. All I said was, 'we set the edge over here.' As soon as I said that, because I was kneeling over, he threw that flag so fast. I didn't even know he threw the flag. It is a high emotion game, and I know better. I know better. It won't happen again, like I told [Head Coach] Chip [Kelly]. I was just emotional. I was just having fun. But the refs, since they were calling it like that, I just stopped after that."

On the penalties toward the end of the game: "It is what it is. They were at home. We just kept working and I am just happy we didn't waiver because of the penalties. We knuckled up at the end and ended up getting a field goal. It came down to the wire with that one too. I thought it was over."

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