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Game Vs. Colts: Officials On Collie Hit

**On what player the unnecessary roughness penalty was assessed to in the second quarter on the play where Colts WR Austin Collie was injured (the penalty was called on S Quintin Mikell):


Back Judge Todd Prukop: "42 (Eagles S Kurt Coleman)."

Referee Carl Cheffers: "Yeah, it was called on 42."

**On how you define "defenseless receiver" when it appears the receiver has possession of the ball:


Cheffers: "Well, if he is completing the catch, his second foot is not down yet or it's just down, we still give the defenseless receiver protection. So, if it is a bang-bang type play, with his second foot coming down, he still gets protection on that play. The fact of the matter is, is that the ball was incomplete. So, he has protection throughout that entire process on that play because we don't even have a completion—at no time did he have possession and become a runner to where he would have transitioned out of being a defenseless receiver."

On what Coleman did that was cause for a penalty:

Prukop: "So, he makes contact with the shoulder to the back of the helmet of the receiver."

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