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Game Vs. Buccaneers: SS Quintin Mikell

On whether he was satisfied with the defense's ability to make key plays: "That's always good when we get those turnovers. It's always good to get them in those situations. So going forward now, we know what can be done. I mean, obviously we have a lot to work on. You know, we were on the field too long and we got to fix those things but it was good to get those turnovers."

On whether the team could have played as much coverage if they didn't have RCB Sheldon Brown and LCB Asante Samuel on the field: "It makes it a lot easier. You know, we have two of the best corners in league. I mean, I think Sheldon (Brown) is really underrated. Obviously, we know what Asante (Samuel) can do. Whenever you have that, it makes it easier for coaches to call those zero blitzes."

On why Tampa Bay was able to convert so many third downs:"Well I mean, a lot of it was making stupid mistakes. We had a lot of penalties. They're a good team. A lot of people, because they haven't won yet, think that they're not a really good team. But, you know, they are whole different team with that QB (Josh Johnson) and when he is able to move around in the pocket and create plays with his legs, that's tough. I give it up to him and obviously we got a lot of stuff we need to work on, but they made some plays too."

On wining by 20 points and still being frustrated by their mistakes:"I think around here, you know, we are used to excellence around here. That's always good. I think that when you come out of a game like that and know that we could have played better and everybody is upset about it, that's a good thing because now we can go back to work and fix those things. When we made those mistakes, it killed us. If we were playing in a tighter game, it would have been a different story. Luckily our offense was hitting all cylinders and that bailed us out a little bit."

On if they've turned the corner and are no longer losing to "inferior opponents" early in the season: "Absolutely. I think these are the type of games that, it's always tough because you never know exactly how everyone's going to come out. Obviously, we didn't execute great. We were a little sloppy, but we got those turnovers and that's just good to have that under our belt and to know that, look we might make all these mistakes, but you never give up. You know, even though they all the way down in the red zone or they're going for it on fourth down, we don't give up. So that's the good thing we take from this."

On whether they will be able to zero blitz against teams with passing capabilities: "We did a lot of blitzing today. I think if we played a team that was picking up our blitzes and doing those things like that today, that it might be tougher. But I feel like we have good enough players to really hang with anybody no matter what play is called. But At the same time, if we are playing like we did today in some of those blitzes, it's going to be a long day. So we got to fix those things."

On Josh Johnson's connections with TE Kellen Winslow: "You know, he's a good player, man. They had some good calls on him. We had, a couple times— actually, I think all but one we really had blitzes on him. They kind of saw them and we just didn't get there in time. Whenever you're playing a good, mobile quarterback and you got a good tight end like that, you know, stuff happens. He caught one on me today. I was in position, but you got to make the play. And that's what it boils down to, and we're going to go to work on those things and we'll fix them."

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