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Game Vs. Buccaneers: Quarterback Jameis Winston


On how that game felt:

Winston: It felt good. We have to go back and look at film and see how we can improve.

On what it says about his offense that he had five touchdown passes to five different receivers:

Winston: It shows how we get everyone the ball. [Offensive Coordinator Dirk] Koetter definitely does not discriminate at all. He wants everyone to touch the ball and he called a great game. Before you even ask the question, hats off to the offensive linemen and [RB] Doug Martin. When you establish that running game like that, it's hard to defend us.

On what was different today about third downs that allowed them to excel:

Winston: It was a great gameplan. We had guys in certain spots, especially [WR] Adam Humphries, with two big critical third downs for us. We overcame adversity. We converted two third downs on that long drive that we had. When guys are confident and playing good, it's hard to stop them.

On if he saw anything early that would indicate it would be a really special day with the way things were clicking:

Winston: Every day I step on that field, I think it's going to be a special day. We just turned it up and we played better than they did from an offensive line standpoint. They took control of that line of scrimmage. When you control the line of scrimmage – it's hard to beat a team that's controlling the line of scrimmage.

On coming into Philadelphia and having a great game after growing up a fan of the Eagles and RB Randall Cunningham:

Winston: Man, let me tell you something. I'm not going to cry, but this is definitely a dream come true for me to play here. I've always wanted to play here my whole life since I was a little boy. I always wanted to be an Eagle. I was even singing the fight song out there on the field. I was singing, you better believe I was. It's just a special day, but it's just one day. You have to get better every single day so I have to look at the drawing board and get back at it.

On how much he has evolved as a quarterback in these first 10 games of his career:

Winston: A successful day is just protecting the football for me. I didn't have any interceptions today. When you have a great offensive line, when you have great targets around you, and you have a running back that's going to get 235 yards, that makes my day a lot easier. It all sums up with our offensive coordinator with the way he handles our meetings, the way we come in and work. That was a big win we had against the Cowboys and coach Koetter stepped on the gas. He didn't let us be complacent. He told us to keep coming because he expects so much of us.

On if this was a coming out party for him individually:

Winston: It's just another day. Another day that I was blessed with. I thank God for the five touchdowns, but I have a baseball mentality. Today I went 3-for-3, well, technically 5-for-5. I went 5-for-5, but you never know what the next day holds so you have to get better every single day.

On what it means winning two games in a row:

Winston: When you're here in the locker room, a lot of guys say this is the greatest team they've ever been a part of. And you think about men that have played football for at least 21 years. I'm 21 years old. But we've got men in the locker room saying this is the best team they've ever been a part of. You get proud, but at the end of the day you can't be complacent.  It's just another game. This is the NFL.  Some games you are going to have it like that. And I'm glad that today we had a day like that.

On having fun:

Winston: Every day I step on that field I'm having fun. Every single day.

On WR Vincent Jackson's performance:

Winston: We have Vincent Jackson back. And you see the score on the board.  That's how much Vincent Jackson means to this team. I found out – I don't even remember when I found out – but Vincent, he comes to work like he's going to play every week anyway.  So last night, Coach Lovie [Smith] said he was active, so we just said, 'Let's go Vince.'

On the offense putting up big numbers:

Winston: Like I said, it starts with the offensive coordinator.  [Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter] Coach Koetter, he expects so much from us. He keeps us accountable. He pushes us. And what he's doing to this offense is very inspiring for me because I'm his quarterback right now. I love that we play for that guy. It's how he coaches. Our coaches just treat us as true men, they hold us accountable. That's why we have to keep representing for them.

On the offense's progression throughout the season:

Winston: I just take it one game at a time. I'm not going to be able to judge myself. I'm not going to be able to judge my season until the year is over, so I'm going to sit there and reflect. But I'm very happy that we got this win. I know the guys – I know Tampa Bay is happy because that's the first back-to-back wins we've had in a long time. But like I said, we can't get complacent. Two wins in a row – that's good, but when you think about it, two wins in a row, that should be expected. Hopefully we can get on a roll.

On tying Lions QB Matthew Stafford for the most touchdown passes in a game as a rookie:

Winston: I just thank the offensive line. I'm sure he said the same thing. I couldn't do it without those guys out there fighting.  And the one thing I just got to say – I'm about to leave, but when you see that opening drive in the third quarter, you can just see how good our team can be, and you see how we just kept overcoming adversity. Last game before that, we had a penalty – we were like, 'Oh man, we've got to move back,' but we overcame adversity.  We had big guys step up when we needed them to step up, and we persevered – we did.

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