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Game Vs. Buccaneers: QB Jameis Winston


Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston

On bouncing back from early game mistakes:

"I feel like we did [bounce back from early game mistakes]."

On the success from the touchdown drive and the rhythm:

"I think we had rhythm despite the early turnover by me.  It kind of threw us off; you didn't really get a chance to see what we could do."

On Eagles defense and pocket pressure: "That's one thing I'm working on, my pocket presence.  I mean, that was [DT] Fletcher Cox; he gets paid to do that.  But that's something that I'm working on, just trying to get better in my pocket presence and step up in the pocket and limiting those mistakes."

On WR Kenny Bell's fumble:

"I know Kenny is going to bounce back from that.  That's the least of my worries right now, especially dealing with Kenny Bell.  That was my roommate last year, and I know he has heart, I know he's a fighter, and we're not even thinking about that.  I know I am trying to find ways I can help myself out.  I can't fumble.  I'm not Kenny, but I can't put the ball on the ground."

On the Bucs defense:

"Our defense was amazing.  Honestly, if I don't fumble and we don't give the Eagles the ball inside the ten [yard line], they don't score.  They don't score at all.  I'm talking about first team, second team, fourth team, third team... defense looked amazing."

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