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Game Vs. Browns: In-Game Quotes

TE Brent Celek

On QB Nick Foles bouncing back after the first interception and throwing two touchdowns early:"For being a rookie he is so calm. Any time you ever make a mistake, if you can come back and let that go, you're going to be fine in this league. We all make mistakes, it's how you respond from it. Nick has done a great job, not only throughout camp but through the first few games."

On the defense making big plays to allow the offense to score two touchdowns:"Our defense is great. I'm excited to see them out here some more this game, but especially into the regular season. I think we're going to have a great team, we just have to keep fighting every single day and keep getting better."

On coming back to Cleveland for the first regular season game:"I'm definitely excited, I can't wait to see the jets fly over and get this thing going."

On his touchdown reception:"Really it wasn't a play that was designed for me, I just leaked out late because I knew there were some problems. Basically I just got open and Nick got me the ball. It was a little bit of improvisation."

On whether broken plays like that can give the team confidence when they are executed successfully:"I definitely think so. That's when you have to be on the same page with people. Like I said, Nick is very good within the offense and then when things break down he's able to still respond."

DT Derek Landri

On his sack and forced fumble:"It started out as a play fake, almost like a play-action pass. I just got off the ball, got into the guard, made an inside move and the quarterback was right in front of me. I got my hands up on the ball, threw him to the ground and tried to pick it up and score."

On how important it is to force turnovers like the defense did tonight:"Well, we started slow. They had a big play to start the game off and you never want to start a game off like that. We've got to figure a way come Week One against these guys to shut it down and not give up a big drive. We were fortunate enough to get in a good situation and make a play and kill all their momentum, which is what you want to do."

On the defensive line rotation and whether there is something he saw tonight that stood out to him:"Yeah, [DE] Brandon Graham stepped up tonight and made a big-time play on third down, he ripped in there. It was something that we kind of talked about during the week that Cleveland does. He saw it and made a play, which was awesome to see."

On how odd it is going to be coming back here Week One of the regular season: "It's going to be exciting. I don't care who we play week one of the football season. Football is back and that's exciting. That's what you look forward to and that's what you live for."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On QB Nick Foles:"He's confident. I think he's very talented and I think as long as he stays confident and stays poised, you'll continue to see him have good games like this. I'm happy for him, but he'll only continue to get better."

On whether it will be difficult for QB Michael Vick to start in the regular season despite not seeing much action in the preseason: "I think if it was a first-time starter we might have some problems but Vick's been with us for a few years now and I think we're very comfortable with each other. He's very comfortable with the offense obviously. He's our leader, so that's obviously the guy we want back there."

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