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Game Vs. Bengals: QB Andy Dalton

On coming back the way his team did in the third quarter and taking over the game: "It was huge. We didn't play very well, especially offensively, early on in the game. We knew that we had to stay the course. We had to make one play here and there and good things would happen. That's why you play four quarters. It was ugly early on but in the end we were able to get a win. I think I heard a stat saying we scored 24 points in three-and-a-half minutes or something like that, and things like that happen."

On his chips becoming ineffective the way the Eagles were stunting and twisting inside and their pass rush becoming a factor of concern: "They did a good job. They did a good job of their stunts and things like that up front. We got to hold up though. We got to find out what they're doing and be able to make sure that we can get it blocked. Also with what they were doing, there were some lanes for me to run. And with that stuff we were able to take advantage of it."

On how he likes the situation of the team from here on out being 8-6 with two to go: "We're in control of everything. That's how you want to have it. In December, you want to be able to have a chance for the playoffs and be in control of that. We've got two big games in the next two weeks and a lot is going to be decided in these last two. But we'll be ready to go."

On the team responding the way they did in the short turn around after a tough loss: "It's what you have to do. We had a tough one and we did have a quick turnaround. This is my first Sunday-Thursday game to play and I thought we did a good job. I thought we were able to put that loss behind us and just come out and play."

On having a "mini-bye" week after a short week helping to get the team healthy: "I think one good thing about having a Thursday game is the time that you have afterwards. We're doing everything we can to get all the guys healthy and back ready to go."

On games with playoff hopes and the pressure with a lot on the line being a fun atmosphere: "Yeah, it is. It makes it fun that at the end of the year you're playing for something and that's the way you want to have it."

On the defense picking the team up in the third quarter especially on the touchdown drive: "It was huge. The defense played great. They've played great for a while. They've given us good field position, even on special teams we've got good field position and different things like that. It's a team game. You've got to be able to hit on all cylinders and all phases of the game."

On not being able to ask for anything more with controlling their own destiny in December and playing significant games: "No, you can't. This is exactly where you wanted to be at the beginning of the season. We wanted to be in December and have a chance for the playoffs. And it's exactly where we were, and it's good to be in control of that."

On playing better on the road than they do at home: "I don't know. We obviously would like to play better at home, but it just hadn't happened. I don't think there's a reason for it. We have to play better, especially in the last one that we have there. So you can't put your finger on one thing that's the reason why we played better."

On the Eagles doing a good job of plastering down the field and having tight coverage in the early stages of the game before the pass rush took over: "Yeah, they did a good job defensively. It seems like when you watch the film of them going into the game, it seems they always had a guy right next to our guy or the team that they were playing. They did a good job, but we stayed the course of the game and good things happened."

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