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Game vs. Bengals: Eagles Players

P Sav Rocca

Have you ever had to punt in a wind like that before? "That's probably the hardest wind I've ever tried to punt in playing football."

What does the strategy become in a situation with the wind blowing like it did today? "You are trying to hit the ball right. You are trying to put the ball in the right spot and get it down the field the best that you can."

After the first one or two punts, did you try to change anything? "I tried to allow my ball to drop a little bit more, but the wind was blowing, so I was afraid to continue that. I tried my best, but I couldn't get it to come off my foot right."

TE Brent Celek

What is it like coming back to play in your hometown of Cincinnati?"It's fun. It's a shame we didn't get a win, but it was fun to play in the stadium that I grew up watching (Bengals) games. My folks had quite a few tickets for today's game."

You finished with two catches today. Was that what you expected to come your way today? "I am ready for whatever happens during the game. Whatever is in the game plan. I am always ready for my chance to make a catch."

DE Trent Cole

You wanted this homecoming to be special. How was it coming back to Cincinnati?"It was great. I saw people I know in the stands hooting and hollering for me today. It was a great feeling to be back in Cincinnati."

How do you feel about the tie?"We were treating this like a playoff game. We came in here and fought hard. It came out a tie. I don't believe in ties. I'm used to playing football until the end. Until someone scores. That should decide the game. Taking a tie is a bad feeling. It's a tie, but in my opinion, it's a loss."

You had a couple of key sacks today. Did you do everything you could to win today? "Every unit has to contribute to win. That includes offense, defense and special teams. We (defense) gave up a touchdown. It's everyone's fault when you don't win. The defense didn't do its part."

They mixed different pass blocking protections against you today. Can you describe what the Bengals offensive front did to slow you? "They put the tight end on my side. So, I was down over the tight end and getting a double-team. Later, they used a guard to help the tackle against me. I tried to keep pushing and do what I could do to get to the quarterback."

LB Stewart Bradley

Was the Eagles defense in control against the Bengals offense in the fourth quarter and overtime? "They were trying to mix it up against us. Teams have been successful running the ball against some of our packages."

What was your impression of Bengals QB Ryan Fitzpatrick after playing against him today? "He's pretty mobile. He was depending on his legs a lot today."

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