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Game Vs. 49ers: QB Kolb

On the resiliency the team showed today: "I thought in every aspect of the game we did that. (K) Dave (Akers) made a huge kick. Defense obviously played their butts off. They had five takeaways and we are dead tired there at the end and we were able to get a takeaway there at the end and offense did what they had to do. So, across the board I thought we did a good job of matching their intensity and finishing up there in the fourth quarter."

On whether it was gratifying to get the win as banged up as they were: "Yes and that's what you mean when you say battle because somebody stepped off the bench. I don't know how many guys we had playing hurt out there. (S) Quintin Mikell, (DT Mike) Patterson, of course (RB) LeSean McCoy played his tail off with the broken rib and that's hard to do and that's amazing that they were able to do it and give it up for the benefit of the team."

On whether he felt he would be as sharp as he was during the week: "I felt pretty good. We had a really great week of work across the board from everybody and I was very confident and that's what you have to be as a quarterback in the situation and their backs were against the wall. We knew they were going to bring a lot of intensity, a lot of energy and we had seen what they had done in the past whenever they had that kind of energy, so (Head Coach) Andy (Reid) told us, 'Play emotional football and play disciplined, physical football,' and I felt like we did that today and battled all the way to the end."

On whether he worked a little harder this week: "Yes, sometimes you have to take those extra steps, not only for myself, but for the team. I felt like everybody did it. You could tell the energy level picked up this week in practice, guys were, like you said, more determined. We came in here with that mentality, treated it like a business all the way to the West coast and came out of here with a W."

On whether his confidence was higher throwing downfield because of coverage or preparation: "It's coverage. I'll be totally honest, there was probably, maybe two last week that I wished I had forced a little bit more, but besides that, that was what they were giving me and as a quarterback you have to take what they give you and move the chains and that's what I was trying to do. When I feel it's there, I don't want to miss it, but you have to go through your reads and do the right thing."

On the coverage WR DeSean Jackson is getting: "DeSean is a spectacular player so obviously, he gets a little bit of attention and they are doing certain things to disrupt his rhythm and we'll find ways to get him the ball. As good as he is, we have to get the ball in his hands and we'll find ways to do it and make sure he's one of our most dynamic players, he's got to touch it."

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