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G Max Jean-Gilles

On G Shawn Andrews' situation: "I didn't know what was going on until yesterday, when Coach Reid told me he was having surgery. I hope all is well. I know this is my job now, and I just have to fight for it and keep it."

On knowing this is his job now: "I just took the approach since training camp that it's my job ... whether he came back or not, I just had to compete for it every day."

On whether things are different with him at RG and whether the offense changes at all: "My coach (offensive line coach Juan Castillo) has worked with me since training camp on cut blocks. I used to hate cutting. It hurts. It hurts real bad. I just had to (learn to) sacrifice my shoulders. Hand placement is the hardest thing, really, I'm just trying to get where I'm perfect on hand placement, working on that every single day, before, during and after practice, trying to get more natural at it."

On how he and Andrews are alike and different: "I'd say he's more of a pass protector, I'm more of a run blocker. I'm more of the get-down-in-your-face, mess (with) you after the pile.""

On the block he had against 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis last week: "It's fun. I just try to time it perfect, to see somebody go down. Half the time, you're throwing your body and you miss, so it's good to get them down."

On what his year has been like: "It's been a roller-coaster. I came to camp thinking I would compete for the left guard job. I was thrown in at right guard. It's been a day-by-day process ... just let the man upstairs deal with it.""

On the possibility Andrews could still return late this season and reclaim the starting job: "I'm prepared for it. My mind is ready. Whatever happens, happens."

On the Falcons this week: "Big, fast and aggressive. They like to cause havoc in the backfield. (DE John) Abraham is having a good year. We've got our hands full."

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