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Spadaro: Jason Kelce shares the key to sustained success

Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro

Day 1 of Eagles 2023 Training Camp and here we are: Players are shuttling on and off the field, the tempo is great, the energy level is high. Head Coach Nick Sirianni, in his element with bullhorn in hand, is on his game. The scene at the NovaCare Complex on this Wednesday is absolutely perfect – sunny skies, warm, light breeze, Eagles fans everywhere.

It is underway.

The 2023 season is upon us and with that the Eagles take the first step. The players wore shells and helmets – many wearing the Guardian Caps over their helmets, expanded to running backs, receivers and linebackers and defensive backs as a protective measure against head injuries – and got after it for about one hour and then the team held its developmental period, met the media, and went inside for lunch, hours of meetings, an afternoon walkthrough practice, and more meetings into the evening.

On to Day 2.

"It's really exciting to get back out here with the guys and see where progress has been made," center Jason Kelce said. "There's a lot of young players out here, rookies, and you get a chance to see them firsthand, live. It's like the first day of school: Everybody is excited. Once we start running the test, I'll have a chance to see everything."

That's the message, really: Everything is one step at a time, and as much as we want to race to the finish of the preseason and start the regular season, it's not reality. The Eagles have mastered the one-day-at-a-time approach – Nick Sirianni has done a masterful job of ingraining that message into the program – so everyone is taking the short-term approach.

The first day of Training Camp is much like the first day of school – reunions, seeing faces new and old, reacclimating to the grind. Find out how the "first day of school" was like for some of the Eagles.

When you look out onto the field and see what the Eagles have, well, it doesn't take the most experienced eye to recognize the depth of talent on this roster. The Eagles reloaded the roster after the Super Bowl run in 2022 and now they see how it all comes together. It requires some good fortune with injuries and bounces of the football, it takes great consistency and resilience, tremendous leadership, excellent coaching, and a stern focus to win – every day.

"You can't look long term," defensive end Brandon Graham said. "We aren't looking back and we're not looking ahead. We're got it all right in front of us."

Much of that approach comes from Sirianni, of course, but it also comes from Graham and Kelce and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and offensive tackle Lane Johnson, all of whom have been together since the 2013 NFL Draft when Johnson (first round, 2013) joined Cox (first round, 2012), Kelce (sixth round, 2011), and Graham (first round, 2010).

They've learned a lot together. They've won together. They've grown together. They've imparted their wisdom on the rest of the team.

"I've learned, do not take first impressions, I guess, as the end-all, be-all," Kelce said. "The mark of this league is consistency ... The guys that do it day in, day out, game in, game out, season after season, are the guys who are going to have sustained success.

"So, I look forward to seeing all these guys out there."

We all feel the same! The Eagles brought with them a ton of energy and purpose as Training Camp opened, and that's going to continue. They've been smart with the offseason plan and the players are rested and ready to climb the ladder. There is no looking back, no peering into the future, nothing more than maximizing the moment, and what a great moment it is: Eagles football is back and the Eagles fans were on hand on Wednesday to embrace it and cherish every bit of it.

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