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Eagles React To QB Kolb Promotion

QB Michael Vick

On how the trade affects his role: "I think my role will still be the same. I'm going to come in and provide whenever I'm needed, come in and make plays, and just try to do things to keep the offense on course. Whatever I'm asked to do, that's what I'll be available to do."

On what the trade means for the team:"I think it means we are going in a different direction. At the same time, those are smart guys upstairs. They know what they're doing. They gave Donovan a great opportunity to go elsewhere and be a part of a franchise where he has an opportunity to win. That's the same goal here. The ultimate goal in this league is to win football games. Both parties are trying to give themselves a chance to win."

On what the last couple weeks have been like for him: "I don't pay attention to what's going on and media hype and what coach said (about the quarterbacks being available in a trade). I can only come here and do my job on a day-to-day basis. As long as I have an opportunity to come out and play and be here, then I'm happy. I don't pay any attention to it. When it's all said and done, the best decisions are going to be made for the franchise."

On how he feels about being the backup quarterback after saying that he wanted to be a starter: "I look at the situation as not being part of God's plan right now. I think when the opportunity knocks for me to go out and (start) again, then it'll happen and I'll be ready for it. The only thing I can do is prepare myself and make sure I'm ready to play. That's what I'm going to continue to do, that's why I was here at nine o'clock this morning for workouts and I just finished throwing the ball. I went out there and had a great session. The goal is to continue to work hard. I know I still have longevity in this league. I have to look at it as a positive. I am preserving my body and continuing to go out and learn and understand the game. That's the value."

On whether he thinks he can win a job as the starting quarterback here: "(Head coach) Andy (Reid) said that Kevin is going to be the starter, so that's what it is. He's the coach and he runs the team. That's what it's going to be. My job is to come in every day and ultimately try to get better and get myself ready for any role I have to play on this team. Whether it's behind center at quarterback or wherever it may be. It's not open competition. Until I hear anything different, what I'm going to do is continue to help him and continue to help this team win football games."

On whether he feels like it's his job to push Kolb: "As a competitor, you're going to push the guy in front of you. I think that's only going to help him. Kevin's a great quarterback and he knows how to play the game, he understands the game. The thing for him to do right now is to go out and stay poised and keep that competitive edge and continue to learn. Good things will happen for him."

TE Brent Celek

On whether the players have confidence in Kolb: "Definitely. We believe whoever our quarterback is that we can win the Super Bowl. Kevin is the quarterback and we are going to support him 100 percent. We definitely have faith in Kevin."

On the fact that there has been a great deal of roster turnover: "It is a big change, but that means that the young guys have to step up and become leaders. That happens all over the NFL."

On the mood of the team: "It's a little different because you're losing an icon in Donovan, but you're also excited for a guy like Kevin. Ultimately, we are excited for Kevin. We wish Donovan the best. I consider him a friend, so I wish him the best as a friend, but it's Kevin's job now, so we move on."

On the challenges of the offense being very young: "I think a lot of us have a lot of experience, so I don't think there's too much challenge there. We've been out there, we've played together, and we've had fun together. As we continue to grow as a team, we'll be even better."

On whether he thinks the offense will be able to pick up where they left off: "I definitely think so. This is a change, but like I said, Kevin is a great quarterback too. We all believe that he can lead us to the promised land."

On what makes him believe in Kolb: "When I first came in with Kevin, you could see the type of leader that he was. He's willing to work, he wants to be the best. He's not going to stop short of that. He's willing to do what it takes to be the best quarterback in the NFL and I think he will be one day."

On what changes about the approach of the offense: "I don't see a difference. We're still going to be running the West Coast (offense). Marty (Mornhinweg) is still going to be calling the plays. I think, as games go on, plays start to change and they determine what they're going to call. You'd have to ask Marty that. I don't know."

On the fact that he said he saw a little bit of Drew Brees in Kolb: "The way he can study a defense, read the defense, find the open receiver. He can really pick apart a field. Like I said before, Kevin studies the game. He understands the teams we're playing, what they're going to do in certain situations and he's going to put himself and our team in the best position to win."

G/T Todd Herremans

On whether he was shocked when he heard about the trade: "I wasn't really shocked that it happened. I knew something was going to happen sooner or later. I guess I was more shocked that it was a division opponent. The more that I thought about it, obviously we're not scared to deal with division opponents. We've done it in the past and I'm sure we'll continue to do it."

On whether he feels like they made the Redskins a better team: "Donovan is a good player. I think Jason Campbell is a good player. I don't think that's one of the major problems there. Donovan has a chance to be somewhere and win and that's good for him. It's also a good situation for Kevin. He's the face of the organization now. He gets a chance to come in and show what he can do."

On what Kolb is like as a quarterback: "I like Kevin. I think having him come in as the quarterback will be a little refreshing. It will be something new. We obviously have a very young team now. The leadership on our team is young as well. I don't see that as a bad thing. I think that's a really good thing. I'm just happy for Kevin that he got his opportunity now. With this trade, it shows that the front office has as much confidence in him as the players do. The whole locker room is behind him."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On the trade: "I knew something was going to happen. I just didn't know what. I guess it came as a shocker to some people that it was the Redskins that ended up getting him, but we knew something was probably going to happen."

On how Kolb's style is different as a quarterback: "They're two totally different guys. They have different releases. McNabb throws the ball a little harder, but they both have stuff they can bring to the table. You can't take anything away from McNabb, he's still one of the best quarterbacks, but Kolb is definitely the type of guy who can take us to where we need to be. I think he's definitely ready to fill that job."

On whether he thinks Kolb is good enough to lead the team to where they want to be: "No doubt about it. I think Kolb can be that good."

On why he has so much confidence in Kolb:"Because of what he's done. He does it every day in practice and in those two games he played last year. I think he has proven that he can definitely get the ball out."

On the youth of the offense: "I think we have a lot of talented young guys out there. I think we're all ready to go out there and fill our roles."

On having the same goal with Kolb as they had with Donovan: "That's how much confidence we have (in Kolb). Like I said, Kevin has proven that he's a guy who can come in and fill those shoes. Hopefully we do a great job of doing so. We all know what we're capable of."

WR DeSean Jackson

On the trade: "It was kind of tough for the team, not knowing who was going to be here and who was going to be traded. It feels like almost kind of a relief that we know what we have here and to go forward."

On whether he's surprised McNabb was traded to a team in the same division: "It definitely caught me off guard that they traded him in the division. It was a fit for Donovan and for the Redskins and for us. It's a blessing to be able to kind of move on and knowing that Kolb is going to be the starter now. Now we can just start working and getting ready for the season."

On Kolb: "My word for him is 'potential.' It's really hard to (predict what he can do), but as far as what I know he's capable of doing, he's capable of doing some great things. What I was able to see him do in college, he's done some pretty good things. We're just looking forward to a whole year under his belt. I'm going to do everything I can do to help him be the great quarterback that I think he can be."

On the perception that he wanted Kolb to be the quarterback: "As far as the perception, I don't know why anyone would think that. Whatever the case was, if McNabb had stayed another year or whatever the situation is, it's not my decision. All I have to do is go out there and do my job. I can't put anything past the front office. I definitely respect their decision. I know with him or without him, I have a job to do, which is to go out there and help my team get better. Hopefully with the decision we made, it betters our team."

On what he saw from Kolb in his two starts last year: "Kevin is a great quarterback. He knows how to get the ball out on time. He knows the offense, he's a smart guy, he knows out to read defenses. Like I said, the whole nine (yards).He goes out there and takes charge. Any time you have a quarterback who comes in the huddle and has that confidence and looks ten other guys in the eye, call the play and say 'this is what it is, come on let's go and do it.' I definitely think he's ready and I'm honored for him to get this opportunity. This is kind of a huge stage for him. I feel like he'll do everything he needs to do to be prepared and to get ready. It will probably be a little bit of pressure, but I think the pressure will also come with a lot of success also."

On whether he spoke to Kolb today: "It was more what he said to me. We came in today and he just grabbed me and was very excited. This was before we had to work out this morning. There is a lot of good, positive energy going around our team. Like I said, it was nothing against McNabb, it was lingering trying to figure out the situation was going to be with our quarterbacks. Now that we know, we have a starter penciled in or penned in. I feel like we have a lot of competition with our team. Our offense is a lot of young guns coming in and taking advantage of a lot of great opportunities here in Philadelphia. We're here for the long haul."

On whether he thinks the team will take a step back: "You can't at all. If anything, I have to kind of take a step forward. When I first came to this team, we had guys like (Brian) Dawkins, McNabb, and (Brian Westbrook). All those guys are going now. It's almost like it's in the hands of the young guys. Myself, Celek, Maclin, (LeSean) McCoy. It's going to be exciting. We're able to all communicate with each other. We hang out, we do all the things together. Any time you have that relationship with the guys that you're coming in and sweating and competing with, we're able to go out on the field and have that good camaraderie."

On whether it will be more fun with all the young guys: "It was always fun. Not to say when McNabb was here it wasn't fun. We were always able to have fun. It just feels like some new energy is coming around and guys are pumped up. I just heard Maclin say that he's ready to get the season started right now. We're fired up and ready to go. We have a lot to prove and we feel like we're a team that's always been that close. We're just ready to go take it all the way."

On whether there will be a different approach with Kolb at quarterback: "It might be, I can't really (speak about) what our offensive coordinator and Coach Reid are thinking. I think it will be a lot of firepower. Whatever it is, quick or long, I know we'll be able to get it done. We are ready for it, but it's a challenge and we're ready to step up and take charge."

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