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QB Mike Kafka

On whether or not he will be the starter on Sunday: "Right now we're going to continue to work, get better in practice, and take it one day at a time."

On whether playing in last Sunday's game on national TV gave him a confidence boost: "It definitely gives you confidence. Obviously, there are some things we have to get better at. Going off last week, we're over that and past that. We're on to the next game and that is against the Giants."

On how he is preparing for his potential first NFL start: "You have to take it one day at a time and prepare the best you can. Besides for that, you need to take it one play at a time. We're really looking forward to having a good week at practice."

On how excited he would be to start his first NFL game against the division-rival NY Giants: "Our whole approach will be to execute our offense, and do that on a high-level. I have a job to do, and the best I can do that is by executing, doing my job, and play in the offense."

On whether he expects the Giants defense to come after him: "That's what they've shown, so like I said before, we have to care of our business as an offense. All 11 guys working together and keeping a tempo. They're an aggressive defense, and we have to be able to match that. Like I said, as long as we execute offensively, do what we do, and take care of our jobs and our responsibilities, we'll be okay."

WR Steve Smith

On whether this is a special game for him due to his history with the Giants: "Not really. Every game is special to me. I'm just thankful to be playing because people didn't think I was. I'm over that and I'm an Eagle now, so I'm excited about now."

On whether he feels he has anything to prove against the Giants: "What do I have to prove? They know exactly what I can do. I've proven a lot in that uniform, and now it's time to prove something in this uniform."

On whether it will be sweeter to get in the end zone against them: "It's sweet to get in the end zone against anybody. That's one of the best feelings, regardless of who you're playing."

On whether the Giants and Eagles have a genuine dislike for each other on and off the field: "Not that I know of, I didn't know about all that. It's just the rivalry, it's how it is. The fans are in it, too, and it's just part of the game."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On playing the Giants in the home opener at Lincoln Financial Field: "It's huge, especially with it being the home opener. That's probably what it takes to win right there, starting it off with a win as your home record. It sets the standard for what other teams are going to expect coming in here. It's a lot of motivation and a lot of hype going out there."

On how the Giants running backs will approach the Eagles defense: "I see them coming in and really trying to pound it with (Brandon) Jacobs and then with (Ahmad) Bradshaw and his quickness and him trying to stretch us out. A lot of times, when they establish the run it makes the pass easier. We just have to come in and be ready for that." 

On whether the Giants will run the ball more after losing WR Domenik Hixon: "We expect them to run the ball regardless of whether their receiving corps is light. If they do have more guys down, it'll make it more of an emphasis for them to establish the run."

On whether they will make adjustments when the other team begins to run the ball: "You want to know what's happening, and that's the biggest thing. When you come off to the side, you talk to the coaches and they give you the corrections to make. You're not trying to do too much, and that's the biggest thing that you have to try and stay away from."

WR Jason Avant

On how he felt after he sustained his concussion last season: "I felt alright. I just thought I did better on the test. I don't know how serious my concussion was but I was dazed for a moment, I remembered everything right away, and that was it."

On whether it is tough not knowing which quarterback is going to start this week: "No. That's what training camp and the offseason workouts are for. That's why this team has been successful is when guys down, in any position, we're still able to be competitive and go out and get victories. Whoever is back there, we don't know as a receiving corps, but we'll be prepared for each one of them and know how each one of them plays. We don't get caught up as to who's in there and who's not, we just have to go out and do our job."

RT Todd Herremans

On how the team is preparing despite not knowing who will be the starting quarterback: "We're just going to prepare for everything. We just know that the Giants like to create pressure and we don't think they're going to go away from that at all. We just have to be ready for whether they pressure us with the front four or with the blitz, so we have to be prepared for all of it."

On what will be different for the Eagles offense if they don't have QB Michael Vick: "Nothing. We're just going to run our offense. I imagine that some of the plays might be flipped because we have a righty out there instead of a lefty. I don't imagine the game plan will change all that much."

On the Eagles win streak over the Giants: "It's a new year. Eagles-Giants games are always a big rivalry. We look forward to playing them and they look forward to playing us. It's going to be a lot of fun."

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