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TE Clay Harbor

On whether playing the Cowboys had extra meaning, considering they're from the city of where the Super Bowl is being held: "We're not looking forward to it that far. For me, I was looking to the game as a great experience probably to get as many snaps as I had in the last four games. I used that as way to get ready for the playoffs. They played good. Give them the credit. We led some guys out and threw the ball at them. Fundamentally there was some things we did wrong. If we improve on our loss, then we'll be good."

On what happened on one of his incomplete passes, that potential for a big play:"That was a naked fake. I come around, we've run that play before. It was just one of those things where I was trying to run a little bit before I caught the ball. You can't do that. You have to make sure that you secure the catch. When you get to a certain level, you can catch and make a move, but right now for me I just have to secure the catch and then make the move, and then try to make the big play. That would have been a big play by itself. I would make that catch nine times out of 10. I still have confidence in myself catching the ball. It's just something I'll watch on film to see exactly what happened. I'm pretty sure I looked at the safety and I tried making a move."

On how Kevin Kolb performed today: "I think he did a good job. He was directing us. If I make that catch, that's a seven-yard touchdown there. Instead we punted, I think. There's some things we did as receivers that we could have done to help him. He was playing with a group of receivers that haven't gotten much time, opposed to Pro Bowl guys and stuff like that. I'm not trying to make excuses, but that's a little different. I think he played a good game."

WR Chad Hall

On the extended playing time he got and getting his first career touchdown: "It was great. It was a great opportunity. We had already won the division and resting our big-time guys out there, trying to make some plays. It was fun. We got one-point shy, but our goal was to get a "W". It was a great experience for me as a player."

On how long it will take for the team to switch gears, going from regular season to the playoffs: "We don't think about it. Again, we've got playoffs and one chance this year to go all the way. This game is gone. We're focused on the Packers as of right now."

On whether he thinks he deserves more opportunities as the playoffs approach: "I'm always ready. I'll do whatever they want me to do just like I have been since Day 1. We'll see what happens, but I'll be ready."

On the regular starters sitting today and getting more of an opportunity to play:"You've got to be ready. It's just like going week-in and week-out in case someone gets hurt. Of course we're always mentally ready. Getting the chance to get out there and get some game-time experience was great for all the young players."

WR Jason Avant

On whether tonight was a typical Eagles vs. Cowboys game: "I guess to you guys it was strange, but for us, we practice every day. Everybody out there practiced during the week and we tried to win the game. Whoever was out there, we tried to win. We came up a little short tonight. We had great opportunities to win and we just didn't do it. But, our guys showed we can play with anybody, especially the backups."

On how he thought QB Kevin Kolb looked tonight: "I thought he did a good job. With the circumstances, he had a lot of pressures and different things like that. He made decisions on the run. It was a hard day. There were a lot of factors and it's hard when you are getting pressured."

On how he feels about playing the Packers again:"I told (Packers WR) Greg Jennings, a good friend of mine, when they won last time, that we will see them again in the playoffs. We are looking forward to it and we know we have a lot of challenges ahead of us. This will be our biggest challenge so far this year. They have a great defense. (Packers LB) Clay Matthews is playing well. Their secondary is great too. We are very mindful of their artillery and we have to go out to the practice field and prepare hard for them."

On whether he looked at the scoreboard throughout the game to see how the Packers and Giants were doing:"No, I really didn't. I pretty much thought it was going to be the Packers. With one game to win and get in, I figured it would be them the whole time."

On how different both teams are from where they started the season:"I think that both teams are more mature and I think we are lot better than we were in Week 1. I think they are better on defense. So, it poses a lot of challenges. We have to execute. They certainly have a great defensive line and a great secondary, one of the best in the league. (Packers CB) Charles Woodson is back there. I think that both teams have taken steps to be better. I know we have made a lot of strides."

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