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Eagles Locker Room: Offense

QB Mark Sanchez

On why the offense was not able to get into a rhythm:

"That's a really good football team that we played and they showed it. They brought a great game plan. They played really well in their zones and really well in their man [coverage]. They took away a lot of opportunities and then when opportunities presented themselves, I missed a couple of balls downfield and they made us pay."

On whether the Seattle defense did anything that was unexpected:"Nothing that was too extraordinary other than they're a really good football team. They have a sound system and they have great players in every spot. We just didn't really give our best showing out there and that's unfortunate because that would have been a good one for us." On whether the Seattle defense gets the benefit of the doubt on some pass interference calls:

"I don't know. That's all pretty subjective so I have no idea." On the interception that he threw in the fourth quarter:

"I just missed the landmark to Coop [WR Riley Cooper]. I just missed it. I was kind of flushing forward and I didn't get everything that I wanted on the ball. It was just a bad throw."

On why the offense struggled to convert third downs:"They [Seattle] did well. They covered up zones very well. They played man-to-man very well. They started to rush the passer as the game went on. We just didn't really get enough on first and second down. We got into some 3rd-and-long situations and that's very difficult against a team like that where you can't be a dual threat. You get into more 3rd-and-3's, 3rd-and-4's, then we have the ability to maybe run it, we can run screens, we can run downfield throws, drop backs, movements, we really have the whole playbook available. When you get into a 3rd-and-18, a 3rd-and-9, a 3rd-and-12, statistically, the best team in the league is going to be in the 30th percentile on converting those, and that's not where we want to be. We have to get more positive plays on first and second down." On the offense having fewer total plays than usual:

"If you don't get as many opportunities, you have to make the ones you get count. That's really where we didn't follow through and execute today. That's too bad." On whether the offense expected to be able to run the ball better than it did today:

"We expected to be able to do a lot of things better. We came in very confident and I thought we had a great game plan, but we just didn't play very well." On whether today was a benchmark game:

"Every week is important. I don't know if this means one thing and if we would have won we're the best team in the league. That's not really how it goes. Until you play all of those other teams, it only matters who was better on this field today and tonight, and it wasn't us. It absolutely wasn't us. That's really too bad because I think we match up well with them. We just didn't play very well.

On the big picture effect of today's loss:"The most important thing is just to get past this one, to watch the film and move on and get ready for another huge game. All of these games down the stretch are so important. Big picture is too far out in front of us. We really just need to focus on what is right in front of our nose and that's getting this bad taste out of our mouth and going out and playing Dallas and giving our best effort next week." On whether the skill of the Seattle secondary forces a quarterback to press:

"I don't think so. You're trying pretty hard to be as accurate as you can no matter who you are playing. We just didn't execute tonight." On why the team did not play well tonight:

"It's a really good team. We didn't play our very best. I thought they had a great game plan. They covered well in their zones and they covered well in man [coverage]. We had some guys running open that I missed or we didn't covert. That's just the way it goes sometimes. So we'll clean those things up and get ready for a good week of training." On whether he felt the Eagle receivers had separation and he simply missed throws:

"A couple of times. A couple of times, they had things covered and when that's the case, we have to get it down to the back or we have to run. I did that one or two times but it just didn't work today." On the turnover on the first possession of the second half:

"That was a chance for us. We went in down 10-7 and it was a chance for us to kind of turn the table. I think in that third quarter, we just stalled too much and we didn't really get it all going. I thought our defense played pretty well in spurts and they really gave us the ball back a couple of times where we needed to capitalize and we didn't do that. The same thing happened on special teams. We had a couple of good returns and some good field position and now it's the offense's turn to finish. It's like an alley-oop. When they throw a good lob, you have to flush it, and we just didn't do it."

RB LeSean McCoy

On the fumble in the beginning of the 3rd quarter:

"Just bad ball security. I kind of hit the hole, there was a guy getting off a block and I tried to jump out and held the ball too low. And he hit the ball."

On how tough the timing was on that – it was right after half time:

"Obviously it was terrible timing. That was my fault. I should have just been more aware of ball security. The situation of the game, trying to come back and to get a turnover that fast, that was really bad. So that is something that's on me. I just think today I didn't play well at all. It was probably one of my worst games up to date, since being here. Just need to get better."

On whether Seattle showed anything defensively different than what he expected:

"They played a lot of man today. They did what everyone else does, they had a guy in the box, there were some lanes, I just didn't play well."

On setting the record for Eagles rushing yards and what that means – even though team performance is what's important:

"It means a lot, it is something special. I just wish we could have been in a different situation, us winning, me not having a terrible game. It's obviously a great accomplishment but it's hard to really enjoy it on a day like this.

On how concerning it is for him to lose a fumble two weeks in a row:

"I'm not a fumbler. I've got a lot of carries, I don't turn the ball over too much but I just have to get back to it. I am conscious of it, especially in traffic, which I do well at, just the last two weeks I have been letting it go. Put that on tape, teams are going to be after me even more. It's nothing to talk about I just have to go out there and do it." 

On how much of the offense's struggles had to do with Seattle's defense:

"They are a pretty good defense, the numbers don't lie. But overall I think that a lot of that had to do with us not executing. Just every part, from runs, pass protection. I feel like I didn't do my part and in saying that I just think a lot of it had to do with us not executing."

On what it will be like to get back emotionally for next week's game:

"The only thing you can do is win to get past this. That is the only feeling that makes everything away. We will get back to the drawing boards, we will get back to practice, we will train and prepare hard. It is a big, big game, a must-win type of game. And there is nothing better than having them [Dallas] here, in Philly. I guess we will see this Sunday."

On whether the record was on his mind entering the game today:

"No, the record wasn't on my mind at all. Just didn't focus today, wasn't there. But I wasn't really thinking about the record at all really."

On whether this game today was more disappointing than the loss to the Packers because it was a closer game:

"It is hard to compare them. This is a bad loss either way you put it. I don't think it matters about the Packers, that is in the past. But this loss -- we had the game going the way we wanted to go, the defense was getting enough stops. The turnovers and missed assignments, all that type of stuff adds up. You get like a snowball effect and it keeps happening and happening. So we have to do a better job as an offense."

On how he said he didn't feel focused:

"I just didn't feel focused, I just didn't feel focused on some of the small stuff that I do well. I missed the last protection, the sack against [QB] Mark [Sanchez]. That was my guy, a small little DB, I just missed him."

On how the Eagles pace can get teams kind of out of whack on defense:

"Not even that, I think when you start the pace, the goal is to get a first down. When you get a first down, then you can start the pace, then you can start the no huddles, the fast pace. It's hard when you get three-and-outs, it's hard to really get it going. You don't start the drive off with the tempo. So to say that they did well against it is hard to say because we didn't really get going to start the tempo and wear them out and get them tired."

C Jason Kelce

On whether he thinks there is something missing with this team that prevents them from beating the top teams in the league:

"I don't get caught up in measuring the things like that. I care about getting better each week. That is something for [the press] to think about."

On why he thinks the offense had difficulties running the ball today:

"I think, sometimes I missed a few things. I didn't get plays called correctly. Sometimes it was a missed block here or there. Sometimes they did a good job on defense. I think it was just a culmination of a lot of things that really stalled us out. We got behind a little bit, so we had to start throwing the ball a little more. They have a good secondary, so that was a little tough. I really think our defense did a great job with giving us some good field position. They got turnovers early. If we would have been able to take advantage of that, I think we would have had a good day. We just have to go back and learn from what happened. Immediately following games, it's a little unclear what happened, but we will find that out tomorrow."

On whether this is a similar feel to the Green Bay game:

"I think on offense, it's a similar feel. Defensively, we played much better today than we did against Green Bay. We had opportunities, we just didn't capitalize on them. I think we had some things there, we just didn't do a good job."

On whether it's all about Dallas now:

"Yeah, we just got done playing them. I doubt that they are going to come out and give us the same stuff. With how much success we had last time, they will probably dial something up for us. We just have to be ready. We will make the corrections tomorrow and we will move on."

WR Jordan Matthews

On how much of the offense's struggles tonight could be attributed to their play and how much to Seattle's defense:

"It's a combination of the two. We know we are a great offense. We didn't go out there and put up points. We didn't move the ball. We were not as successful at those things tonight. But at the same time, we know that we have an identity, we are fast paced and we have a good tempo. We just have to continue to go back to the drawing board and get better."

On how impressed he was with Seattle's defense:

"They have great players across the board. They have the type of defense where they have guys who may play the slot guys, you may be their third or fourth corner, but they are still really good players. So, that is the type of guys they have. But at the same time, we have strong personnel on offense. We have a lot of weapons. We just have to go out there and play better."

On what he thinks they learned about themselves tonight:

"People can use terms like 'measuring stick,' but at the same time I feel like you could say that last week was a measuring stick game. It's all just one game at a time. We are just trying to go 1-0 every week. We were not able to accomplish that tonight, but we have to go back to the drawing board and get next week. That is our focus."

On whether he noticed that Head Coach Chip Kelly was irate on the sidelines at the officiating and whether he thinks that it affected the team's play:

"I don't like to talk about officials. That's not my expertise. I just have to go out and play. I didn't even notice that, to be honest."

On whether the game plan going into the game was trying to attack the middle of the field:

"I don't know. I just think that we run our offense. We try to get everyone involved. That is just the way that we play. We have so many weapons, we just want to try our best to get everyone the ball and make plays. We were not able to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish, but we just have to move forward."

TE Zach Ertz

On being 1-4 against teams competing for a playoff spot in the NFC:

"We have played them all close except this one and the Packers. The first two against the Cardinals and 49ers, we get another yard and those are two wins. We don't look at it like that; we aren't concerned in that case."

On the matchups against Seattle's defensive secondary:

"[Seahawks CB] Richard Sherman obviously is as advertised; he's a great player. [Seahawks CB] Byron Maxwell is no slouch either; even though he doesn't have the name recognition that Richard does, he is a great player as well. I like to think I can get open against anyone. I think I did that a few times today."

On the offensive game plan going into the game:

"We didn't eliminate any part of the field. Richard Sherman is a heck of a player but you can't eliminate an entire side of the field, regardless of how good the guy is. Hats off to them, they were better than us today."

On not being able to get the running game going:

"A lot of the time it came down to one guy missing a block or one guy making a great play defensively. Nothing was consistently bad. We were just never able to establish the running game."

On getting him involved in the game plan:

"I think I was open a few times. Maybe the protection wasn't perfect so he came off me early. Hats off to them, they were better than us and eliminated some things. They were better than us today."

RT Lane Johnson

On not being able to get the run game going:

"I felt like we had the plays called. We just didn't execute. I don't think we moved the down guys very well. I have to go back and watch the film to see clearly what happened?

On Seattle's defense getting pressure without blitzing:

"I think we did decent until the 4th quarter. I need to go back and watch the film to see exactly what happened. They didn't have many gains on our side. I am really not sure I have to go back and watch the film."

On how the Eagles normally put up a lot of points and move the ball well:

"Yeah it's frustrating. We aren't used to going slow. We couldn't get our tempo going like we wanted to. I don't know how many yards we had; I think barely over 100 so that's very disappointing. The defense came out and played well. It is unfortunate that our offense wasn't able to go out and help them."

On where the Eagles stand after today's loss:

"I think we shot ourselves in the foot. We had a couple turnovers. I think the defensive played great. [Seattle QB] Russell Wilson was running for his life a lot of the game. I think the defense took it to them and if the offense can put it together, I think we can compete with these guys."

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