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Eagles Locker Room: Defense/ST

Linebacker Brandon Graham

On whether the defense played its best game: "No. We can do a lot better. I think we left some plays out there. The best thing is to put that zero up. That is the best day to me. You know, leave them out of the end zone and don't let them get close enough to put up a field goal. We played great together, don't get me wrong, but we can be so much better."

Linebacker Connor Barwin

On the defensive line versus the Dallas offensive line: "This is only the first half. We have them again in two weeks and we need to back it up again. The same way we did today, if not even better."

On the game plan: "To stop DeMarco Murray and get them into third downs, and then make Tony Romo move around in the pocket. We felt that if he had all day to throw, he would make some plays. The key is not letting DeMarco get those big runs, which we did a good job of."

On the defensive front: "They were unbelievable. And Cedric Thornton, I don't think he lost a battle all day. He was great. Fletcher Cox is great every day. He is a pro bowl player. I thought the play of the day was the turnover, second and two. Fletcher dominated the play and got a TFL (tackle for loss), made it third and four. I think we held them to a field goal. I think that was the play of the game that set the tone for the whole game. We knew defensively we were going to play well all game and they weren't going to get anything."

Linebacker Casey Matthews

On the win: "I think we just wanted it more today. We will see them in two weeks and I'm sure they'll make corrections. We'll clean up anything we need to clean up. But that was a great team win."

On his sack: "Third down. We were blitzing mike. I had the back man-to-man. Any time he stays in, it gives me the opportunity to go right on and rush the passer. I got there, I saw Romo look back, went down and I had to be the first one to touch him. I know Connor (Barwin) was close, he was trying to tell me he got it. But, no."

On Dallas's offense: "They have talented receivers. But anytime you can shut them down and get a lead, it shortens the playbook. I think we held them to 79 yards rushing, which is pretty low for his (DeMarco Murray) average. I thought we did a great job. I thought we played well on defense. It is a great team win."

Defensive tackle Bennie Logan

On the win: "We wanted to make a statement. Because on Thanksgiving Day, you are playing in front of  your family, your friends. You know it is a divisional game. It is always a big win for us when you can win on the road against a division opponent. We enjoying and celebrating this win today and tomorrow and whatnot, but we are getting ready to turn our attention to the Seahawks."

Safety Malcolm Jenkins

On the defense: "When we do our part in the secondary and we take away those quick throws, they can get home on a four-man rush. We don't have to blitz much to get pressure. That's a great thing to have. So much of the defense is at an advantage when you can rush four and get pressure."

On the defense, part 2: "You look at our entire defense, everybody has a chip on their shoulder, everybody has something to prove. We don't have a lot of big name guys, but we have group that loves paying together and is not afraid to compete against anybody. They really did what they have done all year. Every game that we have done a good job pressing at the line of scrimmage and taking away the timing of the offense on the back end, they can get home with a four-man rush and they did it today. Stopping the run was huge as well; they are not shabby at that either. Really they lead us, when you talk about our defense. When they get going it is so much easier on the backend."

On division road victories: "They are huge. When you think about it, your next game against our division opponent is at home. Our record is pretty good at home. It is tough to win on the road anywhere in this league, especially in the division. So if you have to play anybody twice, winning on the road is really a huge deal because you have the advantage when you come back home."

Cody Parkey, Kicker

On his role for the team: "I'm kind of just an emergency blanket if the offense can't punch it in. Send me out there and I'll try to get points for the team. I'm glad I was able to do that for my team today."

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