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Eagles Locker Room: Defense/ST


On whether there were some communication issues later in the game that led to the Rams' comeback: "I don't know what people are referring to. There were not any communication issues that I know about."

On what happened in the fourth quarter that led to the Rams comeback: "They made a few plays and we made a few mistakes. We could have been better up front and gotten to the quarterback a bit more. We gave him a little time to chuck the ball down the field. I think that two of the plays, they were almost like Hail Marys almost. The quarterback underthrew them and their receivers came back and caught it. That is not excuse, but it was not like they schemed us up and figured us out on defense."

On the defense's knack for getting turnovers and scoring: "Yeah, that was a wonderful play by [LB] Trent [Cole]. He beat his guy, up and under, and then we hustled to the ball. That is why we had a bunch of recoveries today. I was happy for [DE] Cedric [Thorton], he is really hustling."

On the outside linebackers having another big day: "Yeah, [LB Brandon Graham] had another one too. That's the second or third one that he has forced this year. He does a nice job poking the ball out."

On the outside linebackers generating a lot of pressure this year: "It was you guys that had a lot of questions about us; we didn't have any questions about our group. We knew that we could get pressure and we were productive again today."


On how confident the defense is, knowing they have come up with the big play in the big spots: "Our defense is confident coming into every game. We have room for improvement. I know the games are close, but it doesn't matter, we won the game. We could go the whole year having games like this, even though we don't want to have games like this. We can take every game like this, the whole year, as long as we win. That's what this is all about, going out there and fighting until the end."

On how long the defense is on the field during the second half of games: "It doesn't matter; this defense is ready for anything. When we are called up, we go out there and get this thing going. That's what we have to do. We are there to stop the ball and get the ball back into the offense's hands."

On how good this team can be: "There is a lot of room for improvement, but this team is a very good team. As players, we have to be responsible for our mistakes, be disciplined and make sure we don't go out there and get penalties. If we can do those things, we can be a very good team."


On his second fumble recovery: "That's the thing, we want to score on defense. I don't know, if I had a little more speed maybe I would've scored, but I'm just glad that we came out with the victory. So thank God and thank all of my teammates. They deserve all of the glory."

On how disappointing it was for the game to be close in the fourth quarter considering the Eagles had a large lead earlier in the game: "It's definitely something we can adjust from off of a win easily. So it's definitely something we want to do, finish fourth quarters. But like I said, we're 4-1 we have a game next week against the Giants next week. That's what we're focused on right now and we're trying to go into the bye week 5-1. So we got the win and that's all that really matters right now."

On if he was surprised that it was only a six-point game: "When you have Coach Jeff Fisher on the other sideline, he's a guy that is going to keep fighting, so we definitely never thought that they were out of the game. Like you said, we have to finish in the fourth quarter. We did good as a team to come out with the victory, but we definitely can look at tape on how to be dominant in all four stages of the game."

On whether the defense was more aggressive in the first half than in previous games: "Yeah, definitely. Coach Bill Davis had a good plan and preparation throughout the week, and we knew that we were going to get pressure on the quarterback and we did a great job. But like I said, in all phases on special teams, offense, and defense, we have to finish games, but we got the victory and always can coach off of a victory."

On his first fumble recovery: "[Rams T Jake Long] knocked it out my hand at first and I knew I was in the end zone the second time and I was just praying to God that I got a touchdown. That was my first one for my pro career and all throughout college and I just thank God it definitely helped towards our victory. If I wouldn't have scored that, it would have been a tie game towards the end, so I just thank God he gave us that touchdown to get the victory. I thought [Long] recovered it, but he didn't and I came up with it and I was in the end zone. Like I said thank God for [LB] Trent Cole and his sack and the forced fumble. On the second one [LB] Brandon Graham, made a great tackle and forced a fumble and I was just in the right place at the right time. So that's what you want to be and like I said all, glory goes to God and my teammates. We got the victory, we're 4-1 and now we're focused on the Giants"

On whether the Rams were changing things in the fourth quarter: "Not really. They were trying to get in the end zone. So they definitely were throwing more deep balls and weren't running. They just made great catches. [Rams WR] Kenny Britt made a great catch in the end zone on [CB] Bradley Fletcher and if Fletcher would have turned around a second earlier, maybe it would have been an interception. They finished the game, but we won so it's definitely a great victory for us."


On the special teams play: "We just try to be consistent. When you're consistent, and then when the big plays happen, you're really prepared for them. We don't go out there trying to get blocked punts for touchdowns or scoring kickoff returns or punt returns we're just trying to do our job. When you do your job and you do it hard and you do it the right way, when those plays happen then you're ready to make those big plays."

On how big the special teams play has lifted the team: "We don't feel like it's rare, because we put a lot of work in.  We have guys who expect to be great and expect to do good things and we work really hard in our technique and the things that we need to do.  Again, we don't expect big plays to happen we just expect to do the right stuff and when the big plays do happen we just try to capitalize on them."

On what they saw to make them feel like they could block the punt: "For us we had an opportunity to rush the punter, and every guy believes they're going to be the one that's going to make the block.  So for us, we had a rush called and everybody was rushing expecting to get free and [TE] James Casey got free and I forget who was up the middle I think it was [Trey Burton] he took up the BP and allowed James Casey to come right through. So everybody was just doing their part to help the overall scheme work and it was really just a group effort."


On whether he feels like they are playing like a 4-1 team: "Hey we're 4-1, so regardless of how you do it, a win is a win. We're going to clean up a lot of things, get better in a lot of areas and keep moving forward."

On whether they need to finish teams off when they have a large lead: "Definitely. We need to stay on the gas and put teams away. We didn't do that, but we did win and any time you win on this level its good. But we're going to correct all of the errors and just keep moving forward."

On the lapse defensively in the second half: "They made some great plays, but we have to just tighten down on the coverage and make everything happen."

On whether there were communication issues: "It may have been on a couple of things, but take nothing away from them, they made some plays. But yeah, there were some communication errors on the back end. You know it could gash you and you could get exposed, but it's nothing that's not correctable. It happens every game; there are always going to be mistakes in the game. Sometimes with an offense when you do make those mistakes, sometimes you can get away with them because a quarterback doesn't see them. But every mistake that we made, they saw it and they capitalized on it, so take nothing away from them."

On whether he was surprised by Rams QB Austin Davis considering this was only his foruth career start: "No he made plays. He's a good quarterback and he can get out of the pocket. Obviously you saw that today and so no, not at all.  Obviously he's up here for a reason and he can play."


On the defense giving up a lot of points at the end of the game: "It's bittersweet. We had such control over them for most of the game and to give that back, we know that we can't do that again. Against a better team, we lose that game. But, it's hard to win in this league and a win is a win. We are definitely excited about the win, but there are things we need to do in order to finish a game in the future. Two weeks in a row, we put ourselves in position to do some things. In the beginning of the season, we talked about starting slow and finishing well. The last two games we started out great, but didn't finish the way we wanted. So, every week is something new and there are certainly things we can learn from today."

On the play of the front seven and whether the secondary needs to examine their play: "I think it is a combination of a bunch of different things from a team perspective. I think our front seven got pressure early. A lot of that was due to the fact that we took away their first reads. So it goes hand in hand. The calls were a lot different in the second half. We sat back more and played a lot of zone. We had a lot more four man rushes where we had a lead and were just trying to protect it. Their quarterback scrambled up the middle for a few first downs, hats off to him. They made some great catches on the outside, but we didn't have any blown coverages; we didn't have too many balls over our head. We are on the field a lot and we are going to have a lot of opportunities and they are going to make a few plays. We did a great job of getting turnovers. We just have to finish a little better."

On whether the defensive secondary is getting beat on plays: "Nah, this is the NFL, players are going to make plays and receivers are going to make catches. In the second half, where their quarterback had a bit more time, he can read the coverage and make throws. Like I said before, none of their plays were over our head where we were chasing them down. There were a lot jump balls and back shoulder catches. Those are tough to defend on the outside. If we are sitting back, those happen. I don't think that we put this performance on any single group. I think everyone played well, especially early. We just didn't finish great as a team."

On what it says about this team that they are 4-1 and have not played their best football: "It just says that we have a lot of guys who will fight for an entire game. We come up with the plays that we need at the end. I think that is what it says about us."


On how the defense preformed today: "[DE] Fletcher Cox rushed the passer really well today. [LB] Trent Cole had a great sack today. It was great to see guys fly around and really have fun out there coming up with the victory at the end of the day."

On picking up the slack for the offense: "It's not about picking up slack, no matter what happens if they are scoring points or they aren't scoring points. Everybody has to be accountable for their own job. There is never a panic."

On how well the special teams have been playing: "Let me tell you about those special team guys. Special Teams coordinator Dave Fipp works them so hard and they deserve everything that has come to them in the last couple weeks. They work extremely hard every day and my hat goes off to them."

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