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Eagles Locker Room: Defense/Special Teams


On what he saw playing with Darren Sproles again tonight: "Same old, same old. It is what I expected. Like I said, he's a matchup problem against anybody you put on him, and he's so explosive. He hits everything downhill, so he gets the yards that you don't expect. He's also elusive to make open field tacklers miss. I'm just glad he's on my team."

On his interception and if he saw a possible hold/defensive pass interference: "I just saw the ball and went for that. Sometimes you get calls, and that's none of our concern. We can't plan it. We can't control what they call and what they don't. We just know that was a great play for our defense at that time and for our team at that time. Something that we really needed that allowed us to go down and score and put us in position to win."


On setting up for the final kick to win the game: "I kind of just treat it like any other kick. I missed one early in the game and my team needed me so I had to come back and redeem myself."

On handling being "iced" with a timeout: "I don't even think about it. If it happens, it happens. Obviously it happened. Either way, if that didn't happen I just have to make the first kick."

On getting the miss out of his mind: "I think that's what makes a good kicker is the ability to come back after a miss. After a miss, that's what you think about. You're like 'Dang, I just hurt my team and my job.' Every time I go out there, I want to make my kicks, and I'm my own biggest critic. I knew my team was going to need me. My teammates believed in me and they were able to talk me up on the sideline and I was able to come back and hit a few field goals."

On what he remembered from his time in Indianapolis: "I just remember getting really close with those guys, and learning a lot. Just the little things and how to be a good pro."

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