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LB DeMeco Ryans**

On how much trouble Panthers QB Cam Newton is for a defense: "Any time you have a quarterback who is similar to a guy like (Redskins quarterback Robert) Griffin III, guys who can run and throw the ball. It's always difficult when it comes down to third down situations because you always want to stay back in coverage but guys start scrambling and you get caught in between sometimes and you want to catch the guy. He poses those types of threats that make it difficult for defenses."

On whether the prep they did last week against a running quarterback can help them this week: "It does help, I feel like. It's good having these guys back to back because some of the stuff from last week does carry over to this week."

On what he says to everyone on the sidelines during games: "I'm always thinking that you're never too far down in a game and never too far ahead. I'm always pressing the guys and saying that we can always make a play no matter what happens. It can be the worst thing, and I may have to go over and get myself together and not show everybody else that I'm upset about it. When I'm addressing the guys, I make  sure that they see something positive, see someone being positive, and know that anything can happen. If the other team can make a play, then we can make a play. It's our time to make a play. I'm always talking just positive things and keep positive energy on the sidelines. When one thing goes bad, you don't want it to just snowball and keep going negative. We're never out of a game, we're always in it, and someone over here just has to make a play to put us on the positive side."

On how hard it is to positive with the team sitting here at 3-7: "The season isn't over. From that, there is still hope that we can do what we want to do. It starts right now with winning that first game."

TE Brent Celek

On what needs to happen to get the season turned around: "Really, we all just have to do our own job and go out there and have fun. Don't worry about making mistakes and try to make plays. Instead of saying, 'I can't make this mistake,' go out there and say, 'I'm going to make this the next big play to help us win the game.' For me, personally, that's what I see that I need to do better at and I think if I do that, get back to the way that I've been playing, help this team get back to the way that it knows how to play, we'll get back on the right track."

On avoiding getting caught up in the negativity surrounding the team: "We've all got to move on, but most importantly, I've got to learn from the mistakes that I've been making. It's happened a few weeks in a row and it's got to get fixed. We've got to learn from that stuff. We've got to get better and move on and I think that's a good solution. But we've got to have fun. That's why we started playing this game. You play this game because you love it, because you had fun doing it, and we're lucky enough to be able to play it at a professional level. (That) doesn't mean you stop having fun."

On whether it is tough to see Reid take heat for the way the team has played this season: "It's really tough. I feel like I took it hard, as everyone was on him. But it's something that you can't continue to dwell on. It is what it is right now and all we can do is move forward and work on winning a game. Play for this team, play for each other and worry about your own job. I think if we do that, you stop worrying about, 'Oh, this guy's going to lose his job or this guy's going to lose his job,' you can play your football. Because you allow all those outside factors in, it's just like anything in life: you keep putting negative things in, negative things will come out."

On his thoughts of QB Nick Foles' first start: "I thought Nick did pretty good. We all can improve and he knows that, but for his first start as a rookie, he did really good."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On what he has seen from RB Bryce Brown: "I think he's coming along. He'll probably see more carries this week, depending on what happens (with RB LeSean McCoy). I think he's coming along. I think he's picked up the offense well. I think that's one of the guys you can actually really see a development of over the course of the season. He's a phenomenal pass-protector. But I think he's definitely come along, for sure."

On whether it was frustrating for him to not have a catch on Sunday: "It's always frustrating and even more frustrating when you lose."

On his review of the game tape and what he saw that lead to him not having a catch: "That's just how it happened. Yes, there were plays where I felt like I could have gotten the ball, but what receiver doesn't feel like they can get the ball throughout the course of the game? Like I said, that was the flow of the game. That was how it happened. Hopefully, we can prevent that from happening again."

On whether it can be difficult to continue to put in the effort amidst a six-game losing streak: "I'm always going to come to work ready to go, regardless of what the situation is. It's my job, it's what I love doing, it's what I get paid to do so that's the only mindset that I have."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On whether there has been discussion in the locker room about turning the season around for head coach Andy Reid: "Yeah, obviously you want to bring it together for him. You want to bring it together for all the coaches, the players, owner, everybody, fans. It's been tough. It's been a tough little stretch here; six straight loses. It's not easy for anyone involved with the organization. We need to try to get this turned around for everyone."

On how the team snaps a lengthy losing streak: "You've got to keep fighting. You've got to keep working every week, working and getting things corrected. Not giving up, not giving in. There's a lot of negatives. You can find a lot of negatives right now and a lot of things that just make you want to give in. But you can't give in to that."

G Jake Scott

On whether he was surprised to start on Sunday: "No. I knew I'd have to be ready if that happened and that's the situation that came up so I was ready to do it."

On being the first-team right guard and whether the team was impressed with his play on Sunday: "I guess. It's not perfect. Obviously, we lost, so it wasn't good enough. I think I'll improve this week. I think I'll play even better this week."

On what he saw from his play after reviewing the film from Sunday: "It was alright. I felt like I had a pretty good grasp of the offense. I knew what to do most of the time. It wasn't as crisp as it could be, but everything was okay."

On settling down after two early penalties: "That was just concentration more than anything and just needing to get settled down and settled into a groove. I got straightened out, so that won't be an issue."

On how he was able to settle into a groove on offense only six days after being signed: "Throw on a helmet and some cleats and go do it. It's about that simple. You just do it."

On whether there was an adjustment period for him once he got back onto the field: "No. I've played enough football in my life. It came back pretty quick."

On the mindset the team needs to adopt to snap out of a lengthy losing streak: "It sounds cliché, but you have to put it behind you and go one game, one day at a time. We have to go out this afternoon and practice like any other Wednesday that we've ever practiced and just get better and execute."

RB Bryce Brown

On whether he felt he could be a starting running back in the NFL after what he experienced in college: "Not a starter, but I definitely knew that I had the ability and the talent to play, but I did not see (myself) being a starter or anything. It's exciting and I'm looking forward to everything."

On making the most of this opportunity if he does get the start: "I'm definitely grateful for it and thankful for it. I've had a tough road, I've worked hard and I've continued to work. Like I said, I'm excited and I can't wait to go."

DE Vinny Curry

On how hungry he is to perform well whenever he gets his first NFL game reps: "I'm very hungry. I just want to show everybody what I can do and what I can bring and add to our d-line. I just want to be set up in the right position to excel."

On how you guard against going out there and trying to do too much: "You definitely just do what you are coached to do. You stay within the structure of the scheme and of the defense. If you go out there and try and do too much, you probably won't succeed. I don't want to go through that again at all. I'm just going to go out there and play my game, and do what I'm coached to do. I'm not looking back."

On how he has been handling not being able to play through the first 10 games: "I have good guys in the locker room, down to (TE Brent) Celek, (LB) DeMeco Ryans, (DE) Trent (Cole), and (DT) Mike Patterson. Those guys are always encouraging me, 'You know it's coming. You're doing a great job in practice and everything.' Even down to (QB Michael) Vick, (RB LeSean McCoy), they see how hard I'm practicing and they say, 'Your time is coming.'"

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