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QB Mike Kafka

On getting first team reps: "Coach (Andy) Reid has a plan. We'll know at practice."

On whether it's hard to get in a rhythm when you're not taking every snap at practice: "Every opportunity you get, you have to make sure that you execute the offense. That's probably the most important thing."

On whether he thinks he can take this opportunity and show that he can be a starting QB in this league: "Absolutely. The approach you take for every practice, every game, every opportunity you have to run the offense is showcasing yourself and your abilities."

On whether he is competing with QB Vince Young to see who will play: "No, all I'm focused on is executing our offense really. With whatever plays I'm given, I'm going to do it the best of my ability."

On whether QB Michael Vick could put himself in a position to be ready to play Sunday: "Vick is a tough guy and I wouldn't expect anything less. He has a couple of broken ribs, so I'm assuming that has to hurt. I've never had any broken ribs so I can't speak for him. He is a tough guy and he hides it pretty well if he is in any pain."

WR Jason Avant

On whether not knowing who the starting quarterback is affects the offenses' preparation: "Well, we're going to go out there and prepare like we do every week. We just have to go out there and execute, wide receivers and tight ends, and help whoever's back there with our o-line and other people. So we have to go out and, no matter who's there, play the best we can for them."

On whether when it 'rains it pours' applies to this team with all of the injuries and a 3-6 record: "I'm not really concerned about the situation as far as guys being hurt. We don't know until game time who's going to play and who's not. This is a violent game and you're going to have guys go down. You have to go out (and play) and that's why your backups should be good. And hopefully we can overcome anything that's thrown at us."

On whether it's difficult to grasp the talent that's in the locker room: "You can't keep dwelling on that. We're past that, we know the record, the record's not going to change, thinking about it is not going to change it either. So we're going to go out and focus on the Giants and that's what were trying to do."

WR Chad Hall

On his thoughts about how difficult it is from being on the active roster last year to the practice squad the beginning of this year: "I mean, it is difficult. I mean, you want to be out on that field, that's why we play this game to compete and make plays, especially (because) this is such a great organization, such a great team, and you want to help them every way you can on Sundays in front of everybody. You can either look at it and get down about it and be bitter or I took it every day to get better and every day the next day could be the time where they call me up. So I stayed ready, and it was hard at first, but then I got focused immediately."

On his thoughts about being better prepared than last year: "I mean, last year coming in it really was my first time actually playing receiver. I mean, so getting off the line, running routes, everything, I was learning something every day. This year I don't think about it, I just play, and I just have a lot more confidence out there."

On whether there is a possibility of returning kicks: "Yeah, I mean that's something I do so there's definitely a possibility."

On whether there is a possibility of returning punts: "Yeah, maybe."

On whether it's hard to be 3-6 and watching the team from the sideline: "It definitely is because the main thing I want is for us to be winning. So the losses hurt a lot worse than anything else."

On whether it was tough to watch the game against the Cardinals because there were some receivers hurt and he could have made an impact: "Yeah I mean, you know, with (WR) DeSean (Jackson) not being able to play and being so late in the week nothing could happen. But yeah, every week's the same, I wanted to be out there."

On whether he is ready to see prominent action in different positions: "Yeah, that's the good thing about being versatile in this league. You can do a bunch of different things. So whatever they ask me I was ready last year and I'm even more ready this year."

RT Todd Herremans

On whether it is tough for the o-line to prepare not knowing who will start at QB: "Not really. We are still running the same plays. They are right-handed instead of left-handed so things get flipped flopped, but it's the same offense."

On whether he sees any dissension in the locker room: "Not at all. I think that earlier on in the season, we didn't get the offseason to get together so we were still getting to know one another. When stuff like this happens, we're sitting here 3-6 and that can bring a team closer together because the only people who we have to lean on is each other in the locker room."

On whether he has ever been in a situation like this before: "It was pretty bad in '08 when we finished 9-6-1, and we snuck in (the playoffs). We just kind of put that mentality there, too. The only thing we can control from here on out is how many games we can win. We can't control anything else that happens with the division or the teams ahead of us, or anything like that. It's the mentality where we have to put our work belt on and go out there and work."

On the Giants defensive line pass rushers: "They are good players and they fly off the ball. They work well in the scheme that they're given. Osi (Umenyiora) came back and he's had like 7.0 sacks or something like that, and (Jason) Pierre-Paul has had 9.5. They all have their moments where they are dominant in the pass rush game, but we're a good offensive line and we're ready for the challenge. We just have to go out there and do what we do."

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