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DT Cox, QB Foles, LB Kendricks, RB Polk

DT Fletcher Cox

On his first day working with defensive line coach Jim Washburn at practice: "It was good. It was fun. We got up and ran around a little bit. We talked, and he coached me."

On what Washburn coached him on: "It was like working with Coach Wilson back at Mississippi State. They'll both get after you and coach you really hard. They'll get right into you."

On what the past few hours were like: "I'm handling it really good. Coach Wilson did a really good job at preparing for this next level and we did a lot of things similarly. We get up, have breakfast, have a special team meeting, team meeting, individual meetings, and then head out to practice. I kind of have a good outlook on it to begin with."

On whether this is what he imagined the NFL would be like: "Yeah, I came in here ready to compete. I really pride myself on competition and competing against the other guys."

On whether he has a chip on his shoulder because he is the Eagles number one pick: "I try not to pay a whole lot of attention to that. I just go in and try to practice as if I was a seventh-round guy. I'm just working hard."

On how much he played at defensive end after seeing some snaps there today: "I played a lot at d-end. We had different packages where the coaches would move me out and give me a lot space and let me move around."

QB Nick Foles

On his first reaction when he read through the Eagles playbook: "I tried to break it down and learn the formations, learn the shifts, and learn the alignments, not learning the plays first but just getting an idea of the protections. Then, you go into the concepts and understand the formations and you can start plugging the concepts in. I try to dissect it in that way and not learn the plays and the formations because, like you said, that can be overwhelming, so I try and break it down to segments."

On whether he has trouble with the verbage: "It's different. It's a challenge, but I'm enjoying it. I have a lot of work, and we get to watch the film right now and see the progressions. I think it went well today and the guys did really well. We have a lot to improve on of course because it's the first time all of us played together, but it's exciting to be out here and it's exciting to be an Eagle."

On whether he feels that he is going back to basics at this camp by concentrating on footwork and mechanics: "I think you always go back to basics and that's just football. If you get away from the basics, you're in trouble. You can always get better with your footwork, the reads and just the little things you do with your feet and your arm placement for when you drop back in the pocket. It's the minor details, and that's something all of the players do. It's good to be out with the coaches and have them teach me different things."

On working with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and quarterbacks coach Doug Pederson: "They have a lot of knowledge, so I will be jotting a lot of notes down later on and get it engrained in my brain."

LB Mychal Kendricks

On having completed his first practice as an Eagle: "It was moving fast. A lot went in, but overall I think we did pretty good as a team. The defensive squad did well today."

On what defensive coordinator Juan Castillo worked with them specifically: "We're just doing some cover four. Anything that has to do with cover four, that's what we're working on today. Even in the second practice, that's all we're doing. That's what we're focusing on and that's what we're trying to get better at."

On what he can get out of rookie mini-camp: "Just the effort and what the coaches want out of us and what they expect. There are already a couple of guys here who have already been here for a couple of weeks now, and even though I'm here learning, I'm following them, too. Just getting to understand the camaraderie of the team and how the whole situation works is going to be a big thing for me."

RB Chris Polk

On what he is learning at his first camp: "Going in from college, you feel like you know everything but I'm just getting critiqued on the littlest things. I just really have to be a student of the game and pefect my craft and really accept the coaching and do whatever they ask me to do. Be the first one in and the last one to leave."

On whether he had a lot of pass protection assignments at Washington: "We ran a pro-style offense that had a lot of pass protection. It was generally the same thing just with different wording, so I have to put the same things to different words. The hardest thing for me right now is getting the raw concepts in and also going through the check-downs and stuff. All the different formations."

On whether the biggest adjustment for a rookie running back is getting used to pass protection: "Gladly, I was in a pro-style offense so we had two reads so I was always scanning through the secondary. It's pretty much the same thing and I need to really learn and study the game. The more you know, the less you have to think, so you can really go out there and really show your ability and play fast without having to think when you run."

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