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Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo

On whether he thinks the defense needs to force more turnovers: "The most important thing is the win and losses, and we lost this past week. Whatever we need to do win. (Forcing) turnovers is one of the things we have to do and we have to get better at."

On whether you can work on that in practice: "I think, if you watch the beginning of practice, you see that we work a strip drill. Then, (we go after) any ball on the ground. We work on interceptions there in practice. Those are the things that we're working on."

On whether CB Nnamdi Asomugha had a tough day against the Steelers: "I looked at the completions and that was the lowest (number of) completions that (Steelers QB) Ben (Roethlisberger) had in a game. That's what we look at it. The bottom line is that we lost the game and I have to do a better job. We didn't win, and I have to do a better job. We had an opportunity there to end the game, and I didn't do a good enough job."

On whether teams are beginning to target Asomugha: "I think what happens is that you're either going to throw at Nnamdi or your going to throw at (CB) Dominique (Rodgers-Cromartie). Sometimes, it just depends on where Nnamdi is or whether we're matching receivers. Sometimes, we're putting Nnam on the guy that they're throwing more balls to, and sometimes we put Dominique over there. It ends up being a match thing, depending on the receivers, where we put Nnamdi or where we put Dominique. Both of those guys are having good years. The thing is, this past week, we should've beaten the Steelers and we did not beat the Steelers."

On whether quick releases from quarterbacks should benefit a defense: "That's the key. The good offenses are about timing. What happens is – with the pressure that our d-line has been getting – offenses aren't going downtown and it's more of the intermediate passing game. I think we had one play that was 20-or-more yards, and you feel good about that, and that's because of the pressure that our d-line is getting. Pressure is not all about sacks. It's about when the quarterback has to throw. The d-line is trying to get there every time, but when the quarterback takes two hitches and more, that is where the quarterback has to get hit or sacked."

On whether this is the toughest offensive line that the Eagles will face all year: "As a group, this is a tough group. I know who the coach is, and they are a pretty physical group."

On whether Castillo expects to see a lot of max protect: "The hard thing is that some of the people that we played – I think you remember the Steelers in preseason when we played them were going downtown and we had two sacks in the first series. When we played them this week, they weren't going downtown and it was a little change. That's what gameplanning is all about. We'll see what we're trying to do and we have a plan for both things."

On whether he assumes teams will try and max protect if it has worked so well: "The important thing is that you want to keep the score down. Last year (during) the last four games, we were giving up less than two touchdowns. That's what we're trying to get back to. Really, if you can do that, it might not guarantee a win, but you have a chance."

On how much forcing a single turnover could be a game-changer: "The key is that it would be crucial. We have to create more turnovers and that is what we're working on. That would help our offense."

On what LB Casey Matthews showed in his defensive snaps against the Steelers: "He's been improving really since last year. He's been improving a lot. He did a good job while he was in there."

On whether LB Jamar Chaney had a chance to seize the starting WILL linebacker role: "(LB) Akeem (Jordan) got hurt. Usually, we say that you can't lose your job because of an injury. I think Akeem was doing a really good job while he was playing. We missed him. He's a physical, smart player. He helps us against the run game. When he came back, he was going to be our starter."

On what is so unique about Detroit WR Calvin Johnson: "He can run, he can jump, and he has great hands. He does a great job running routes and catching the football in traffic and over the middle. Those are all the things. The quarterback trusts him. (QB Matthew) Stafford will throw to him even if he is double covered."

On whether he was disappointed in the short and intermediate coverage last week: "I was disappointed that we lost. We had an opportunity there – it was 14-13 with six minutes left. Up to that point, we were three-for-three. Now, we're three-for-four. We're disappointed. The bottom line for our defense is that it's not about stats, sacks, or trying to give up less than 17 points or any of those things. The bottom line for us is to get the W no matter what."

On whether he anticipates WR Calvin Johnson moving around: "Most people and most offenses who have good receivers like ours will move that receiver around to all different spots so that you can't double cover them or so you can't put them on your best corners to give the defense difficulty trying to match up with that guy. I don't know if there is an offense out there right now that has a star receiver that doesn't put him in the slot or doesn't put him in the backfield or move him from right to left to give defenses problems. We expect that every week. Sometimes, you're able to match up and sometimes you're not able to match up depending on the other receivers, depending on the game plan, or depending on the individual. Sometimes it's tough for the individual to move inside to outside to back to the other side. It's too much."

On whether he could move Asomugha or Rodgers-Cromartie to the slot to cover Johnson: "I don't want to give away what we're going to do. Hopefully we can talk about it after the game, and you can say, 'Juan, that was a good game plan that you all had.'"

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