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Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo

On the adjustments that he made from the first game to the second game against the Giants last season:"We were getting better as a defense. We were starting to get better and then getting used to the system. I think that's really, without talking about scheme and things like that, I think that's what I can attribute that to."

On the decision to defend Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald with multiple corners, rather than having just one stay on him the entire game:"Well, what it was is we feel pretty good about (CB) Dominique (Rodgers-Cromartie) too and I think you've seen Dominique in action. That was part of the reasoning behind that; that Dominique was a pretty corner, that he could handle Larry too, and (CB Nnamdi Asomugha). So, that's what we went (with)."

On keeping CB Brandon Boykin on Fitzgerald in the slot and whether that plan was in place to keep Boykin in the slot rather than shifting other defenders:"Yeah, sometimes it's hard. It's like all of the sudden now, sometimes it's tough; now you're talking about Dominique having to be like a nickel or Nnamdi be a nickel. That's a tough deal there."

On whether Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has reached a level where he can be used as the shutdown corner on a top receiver:"Well, really, it just depends who the individual (is). You look at both of them (and say), 'Okay, what receivers do I think (they match up against)?' (An) example is the Baltimore game, you know, where you had two guys and we matched one guy with one and one guy with another and I think that's what we'll go with. If the team has only one guy, then you feel good about both guys and so you're able to do that."

On whether the game plan for the corners will be different this week with the Giants having two standout receivers:"Well, that's something I'd rather not talk about, because they listen to things like that."

On why he believes Giants QB Eli Manning has been so good in big games over the years:"You know, when I look at him, after that Cowboys game, it looks like they started trying to run the football. After that, it looked like what they're doing now is they're relying on Eli. Eli's a great quarterback. He's won two Super Bowls. They're throwing the football. They're doing a good job. He trusts his receivers. I mean, he's big and strong and accurate; great arm. I mean, they're really relying more on him. I think last year, he won, what is it, six or seven games in the fourth quarter, so we're excited for the challenge."

On what kind of challenge the size of Giants TE Martellus Bennett presents for smaller linebackers:"The good thing is that they can jump. They're athletes. You can't make them any taller, so the good thing about them is they're athletic and that we can jump."

On the play of DE Brandon Graham and his movement on the depth chart:"Well, I'll continue to (say) really the same thing that I've said is that, you know, they're all judged by how they do when they get the reps. So, I think every week we've talked about the same thing and he gets more plays and more plays and he did a pretty good job while he was in there. I'm not quite exact; I mean, he got close to somewhere around 20-something plays and he did a good job. Really, they're just judged on their play and who plays better and who's going to get more snaps the next week. And then (defensive line coach) Jim (Washburn), during the game, gets a feel for who's doing a good job rushing and making plays and that's the way he rotates the guys."

On whether he expects LB Akeem Jordan to play on Sunday:"Well, I think you have to talk to (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and Coach (Andy Reid) about injuries. We're not really allowed to talk about injuries."

On whether the miscommunication on defense against Arizona was disappointing:"I've got to do a better job. That should not happen. That's my responsibility, my job. I've got to do a better job."

On whether he would feel comfortable with either LB Brian Rolle or LB Jamar Chaney starting at the Will linebacker position on Sunday:"Yeah, you know what, both of them have played a lot. They both have been starters so we would feel comfortable with either one, depending, again, (on how) you go on matchups."

On what kind of receiver CB Nnamdi Asomugha plays best against:"You know, I want to say on Sunday at about one o'clock, the Giant receivers, you know? That's what I'd like to be able to say."

On whether the matchups and assignments at the Will linebacker position can rotate during a game or on a week-to-week basis:"Well, you know what we've done, is they both have taken reps during the week and we'll see who looks better. And then during the game, depending how the game's going, we can use both of them. We feel comfortable with both. Both of them have been starters, so we feel comfortable with both players."

On whether there is still an option for an alignment with Asomugha on the inside and CB Curtis Marsh on the outside:"Well, again, it depends on the down, whether it's first or second down. Sometimes in base, when you're going against their two backs, two receivers and tight end, if the two receivers are on the same side, you may see the two corners and you may see (CB) Dominique (Rodgers-Cromartie) inside, or Dominique outside and Nnamdi inside. Same thing as when they play two tight ends and one back and two receivers; usually, our corners go over and match up with their wide receivers."

On whether he is concerned about DT Fletcher Cox's migraines:"Again, I can't really talk (about it). I'll tell you this: I talked to the young man and the young man told me that he had that in college and then what they did to him yesterday is what they did in college and that he was alright."

On whether there is any chance DE Vinny Curry will see game action soon:"Vinny's getting better. It's during the week. He's getting better and better and better. But again, those nine guys, you talk about (DE) Phillip Hunt and (DE) Brandon Graham; they're competing. You see how (DE Jason) Babin is playing. You see (DE) Trent (Cole). (DE) Darryl Tapp had a very good game this past week. So, the hard part is, it's kind of like Brandon; he's fighting to get some and he wants some reps, but he's got to show it in practice and these other guys are playing well. It's a long season. I wish I could say that we're going to keep all these guys healthy the whole season, but it's the NFL and things happen. The thing that (defensive line coach Jim Washburn) is doing with him right now is just fundamentals, every day, 30-40 minutes to get him better and get him prepared when the time comes."

On what he has seen Curry get better at and what he still wants to see him do to improve:"Just the fundamentals. When we talk about (defensive line coach Jim Washburn), Wash's technique, what he does with the d-line, everybody says that he's rushing the quarterback. But what it amounts to, is it's rush, crush, close. And you say, 'Well, what does that mean?' What it means is that he starts initially as a rush. He's looking at the football; he's not looking at the blocker. Then after he gets of the ball, what he does is, if he feels the offensive lineman leaning on him, then he's taught to crush him; to squeeze him. Now, the third part of it is, when you look at it, the third part of it is now he doesn't get blocked; the offensive lineman steps down. Now, that's close. Well, you say, 'That's easy.' No, that's hard. Rush, crush, close. So, that's the part that he's working on. The easy part is, when you start to rush, the offensive tackle sets up for a pass. That's easy. Now he's already working up the field. But those are the three things that he's working on every day, trying to get better and better, that our other guys are doing a good job with right now."

On why the "close" part of the "rush, crush, close" technique is so hard:"Because you're going so hard up the field. Imagine you're here; you're inside foot is back. So, you're looking at the football and you're taught, (defensive line coach Jim Washburn) is on their butt about getting off the ball, so really what happens is you go bam, bam. You take two steps before you ever react to what the offensive blocker is doing and that's the hard part that the young guys have to learn. (DT) Fletcher (Cox) was fortunate that he did something similar to that. But (DE) Vinny (Curry) didn't, so that's what Vinny's learning how to do right now."

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