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Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo

On his reaction to the performance of the defense in the first preseason game: "There are some things we have to improve on. Initially on the third down package you saw that we worked on yesterday were some of the scenarios we had in the game the other night. We were trying to get some things in and work on some coverage things. We had a good day yesterday to improve on what we did the other night."

On whether the same problems from last year are plaguing this team again: "I think it is the beginning of the first preseason game. I think we didn't finish like that. That's where it is a little bit different. We want to go ahead and start where we finished. There were some good things (and) some things that we need to work on and that is what we are doing."

On the performance of S Jaiquawn Jarrett: "J.J. played hard. He did some good things and there are some things that we'll correct with the tackle circuit, angles, and understanding where your leverage is. The way we want to tackle is we want to run through everything but there will be some things we will correct and he'll be okay."

On whether it is disappointing that after an offseason there was still some poor play from Jarrett: "He's had a good camp. He's improved. He got out there and started and there were some good things and some things that he'll continue to work on. You can't take away the training camp that he has had."

On his evaluation of CB Brandon Boykin: "Brandon is a good athlete. He is smart, he's tough and he is coming along. He understands the system and there is some good competition going on."

On whether tackling can be taught or if it is a natural skill: "What it is, is a muscle memory thing. There is technique to it and you do it over and over and then it is going to happen. That's the thing that you count on. That is why you do it. That's why it is the first thing we do in practice."

On whether there is concern because there is still poor tackling despite the drills in practice: "The thing is (the players) haven't played since (last season). It is the beginning and the key here is that by the first game of the season those things are not happening. That's why we are working every day. You saw that we came out and had a pretty hard practice yesterday and we started tackling. Football is a muscle memory game. You do it over and over again and then you get it."

On whether last year's problem of stopping the run has presented itself again: "We are ahead of schedule on that part. I think we had a draw and the other big run (during Thursday's game) was a blitz that we had. Fundamentally when we played straight up they did a pretty good job taking care of the gaps and reacting. They have been working hard and we are farther ahead at this point right now than we were last year."

On how he balances getting enough work in and not showing too much during preseason games: "I think it is hard because we wanted to work on certain coverages and certain fundamentals in that game. Then you have practice and it was a little different because you practice in a different phase. It is hard to show everything that you are going to do during the season. It is a tough thing but right now we just want to practice the fundamentals and understand the concepts of two deep, three deep, four deep, and that is what we are trying to get done."

On what the most important part of the preseason is for coaches: "The fundamentals part which is what we need to improve on. Part of that is the tackling (and) the third downs. If you get a team in third-and-long then you have to come through. That's why we worked on that yesterday. It was very important that we had a good practice with that."

On what players impressed him in the first preseason game: "Phillip Hunt played well. The nice thing about the defensive line was that they were getting off of the ball but what they were doing was when they were rushing they did a pretty decent job of playing the run also. They played well and our linebackers played decently. We had a couple plays that you would like to have back but we'll get better."

On whether S Oshiomogho Atogwe played well in the first preseason game: "I think the thing with O.J. is his experience. It is really just the language and the vocabulary and just having to learn. We probably call two deep the same way everybody else calls it. We call it 'two!' I think in that part his experience has really helped him."

On what he saw from the breakdown of third down plays: "I (have to do) a better job with that. I did not do a very good job with that. We're going to work on red zone today. That should be covered."

On the performance of LB DeMeco Ryans during the first preseason game: "Leadership, composure, and being able to line the guys up and put them in the right place. Those are the things that we are looking for."

On whether DE Vinny Curry has performed well this summer: "What Vinny did is he turned it loose. I think (for) our young kids it's really hard talking to them. They put a lot of pressure on themselves because that is what kind of guys they are. If they just have fun and do what they did in college because that is what got them here. I think that is what Vinny did. (Defensive line) Coach (Washburn) talked to him and Vinny just kind of relaxed and turned it loose and just played hard. Like I said before it is a muscle memory game and in time going through all of the drills he will end up doing the things that Wash wants done correctly."

On how Curry was able to play the run so well while pass rushing: "That's really what it is. Wash talks about rush, crush and close. It is not just rush. The crush part of it means that when somebody blocks you then you crush them. If nobody blocks you then you close so it is not like you are not just running to the quarterback."

On whether Hunt is now in the top rotation of defensive linemen:"I think you have eight guys that can play and sometimes nine if they are suited up. There is not really one starting group. There are eight guys who start and really nine. If nine are suited up then all nine are going to play and they are all going to see work. There is a certain rotation and that is part of the reason that they are able to go so hard."

On his evaluation of LB Mychal Kendricks: "Mychal is relentless. You saw some of the big play ability. It is hard for the young guys because we are really not game planning. The day before we say here's Pittsburgh and here is what we are going to do. Especially for young guys like that it is tough but he came through. He made some big plays which he is capable of doing."

On what adjustments will be made before playing the New England Patriots: "Every week what you are doing is working on a different phase of your package. There were certain things that we were working on last week. Next week we will work on certain other things and then without trying to show everybody what you are going to do. Some of the things we do during practice we will do during the season but we'll add a little something here to work on and keep doing that throughout the preseason."

On whether Kendricks and Ryans are the starting nickel linebackers: "There is still some competition going on. There's a lot of good athletes and we have a lot of good linebackers so what we are trying to do is mix and match and see what is the best combination because we have good athletes at that position."

On at what point fans can gauge what they will see during the regular season: "Preseason is preseason. I think where it starts is game one. That's when it has to be ready to go. It is not really what you do in the preseason because people have played really well in the preseason and not played well during the regular season. I think the important thing to understand here is what we are doing in practice. All of these things are a combination and the games. The preparation and the hard work in practice are the key that is going to get us ready for the season."

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