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DE Vinny Curry

On where he grew up in New Jersey and on being an Eagles fan: "I'm from Neptune, New Jersey, and I've always been an Eagles fan ever since I started watching football."

On how he became a fan of the team despite not living in Eagles country: "You know, it's central Jersey."

On whether he expected to be drafted a little earlier: "Oh yeah, I was expecting to go in the first, but you know, things happen and God has a plan for all of us. This is where God wanted me to be at and this is where I wanted to be. Only thing that I have to do is get ready to suit up for camp and prove my case."

On what he thought happened as a result of dropping to the second round: "I have no idea. It's just the way the cookie crumbled. It's the draft nature, you never can predict the draft."

On making a dramatic improvement on his 40-yard dash time from the NFL Combine to his Pro Day: "If you watched the Combine I kind of tripped over myself towards the back end of the 40."

On how he describes his game: "I'm just a natural pass rusher. The first thing to my game is get off, and I just pride myself on everything I do. I really hustle to the ball."

On working his way into the defensive end rotation and on learning the system: "Oh, yes sir, I plan to do that right away. Trust me when I say right away."

On whether not being selected in the first round puts a chip on his shoulder: "Oh yeah, most definitely, most definitely, most definitely. You  know, right after that, (defensive line) coach (Jim) Washburn hand-picked me and I can promise you that I won't let him down."

On whether he knows anyone on the team personally: "No sir, I don't."

On whether he watched the NFL Draft last night: "I've been watching it all day."

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