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DE Trent Cole, DE Brandon Graham And TE Brent Celek

DE Trent Cole

On whether his performance in the preseason goes unnoticed because of how good he has been in the past: "No. I really don't care. I go out there, do what I'm supposed to do. I go out there and try to do my best and make plays. The new guys we have now, I'm trying to get them used to playing with me, and get myself used to playing with them and be comfortable playing against different people now. You've got different types of people you're playing against now. We've got some good rookies that came in that are great players that I'm excited to be playing with this season.""

On what it's like having rookie DE Brandon Graham across from him on the defensive line: "It's great. I see greatness. I see us having a great time this season, flying around the ball, making plays, sacks, celebrating after sacks. I see it all; I can picture it right now. We're going to be patient; make our way through this preseason, and see what happens during the season.""

On how Graham compares to where he was as a rookie: "Just looking back, I've seen film of myself from years ago. I see Brandon, that guy who likes to get after it, nonstop motor on him, and wants to get after it. He's hungry. That's one thing I like about him and my teammates in general, that hunger they have. I share that hunger with him. I'm the type of guy, I'll never be satisfied. Until the day I stop playing football, I probably still won't be satisfied.""

DE Brandon Graham

On how excited Cole is to have him at the other defensive end position: "Just got to keep on going. I appreciate everything he said about me. I know that I feel the same way about him, because they are going to have to put two or three on him, so what are they going to do with me? That's what I want to know. I'm just going to go out there and go hard like I know I can.""

On how much Cole helps him and how much he appreciates his help: "Well, he helps every day. There's just a small conversation, he always helps, just from me gaining confidence and feeling better about being here and knowing everything, and just knowing that he's got my back.""

On how aware he was of Cole while he was playing in college: "I saw him the year before last year, when he really started doing real good. Other than that, I was just a (QB Donovan) McNabb fan most of the time, but I'm just happy that (Cole) is on the other side. We're just going to get everything done.""

On how much he is looking forward to the third preseason game: "I just want to make sure I get into good shape before this first game, and make sure I had a better game than I had last time. I don't want to take any step backwards, that's the biggest thing. Just go out there and compete.""

On whether he feels himself progressing every day: "Yeah, I feel like I'm progressing just from knowing how to practice, to going out there and feeling comfortable. Knowing that I know the plays already, just stop thinking and go out there and do it. It made me move a little faster and know the game is not that fast anymore like that because I know all of the plays and I can be where I'm supposed to be at the right time.""

On the speed of the defense: "Well I think it can be faster. I know we're fast already, I just think we're not all the way where we need to be by the first game, but I think we're going to be there.""

TE Brent Celek

On whether it is tough to stay focused during the middle of the preseason or is it easy to see that the season will be starting in a couple of weeks: "I think it's real easy. This is a very important game for us. The ones are going to be playing a lot of the time, so this is as close to the regular season as we're going to get, and we're taking it extremely serious, just like we do every game.""

On whether he feels pressure for the ones to score a touchdown: "I don't think we feel any pressure, but we do have to come out and show what we got, because these last two games we sweated out a little bit, and we just have to go out there and do it and be consistent.""

On whether the team holds back in the first two preseason games and will show more in the third game: "I think we just run our offense. It's not like we're doing anything special. We'll game plan certain things for certain teams. We do that in the preseason, as well. It's just like a normal game, nothing any different than the regular season.""

On whether fixing the team's red zone issues is more about execution and less about adjustments: "Yeah, we as players just have to make the plays work, and I think if we do that this week we'll be fine.""

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