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DB Marlin Jackson Signs Two-Year Deal

On what was most appealing about the deal: "I think the most appealing thing about the deal was that it's a winning franchise. Like I said before, winning is the most important thing for me and I came from a winning franchise and that was a key thing. Of all my visits, I wanted to take visits to places that win. The opportunity here to play free safety and to play nickel was very appealing. This defense is a very aggressive, tough, physical defense and that's the type of player that I feel I am. I feel that I bring a lot to the free safety position as far as being able to have some coverage ability and being able to blitz and being able to tackle well."

On whether the team made him feel that the starting free safety position is his to lose: "I can't necessarily say that. I know there's any opportunity there for me and I'm just going to do what I have to do so that it is my position. I definitely plan on starting. I've been a starter for the past three years in the NFL. I've done a good job at being a starter, so I feel that I have the opportunity there and I'll take advantage of it."

On whether he was promised to at least compete for the starting free safety position: "Nothing's every promised. I don't like the word promise; nothing's promised. I have to go out there and earn everything here. (They) gave me a good deal, a quality deal and I feel I have to go out here and prove myself. If I prove myself, I feel that I will be in the starting lineup."

On his comfort level at free safety: "I played free safety my junior year in college and I then played eight games at free safety in my second year in the league. I started eight games at free safety for the Colts. So, I'm very comfortable with it. I've been a corner, but I've been a nickel back and I've always been a physical corner. So, playing safety, that aspect of the game, the physicality, is nothing new to me. Being inside the box and having to be physical within there, I'm used to those things."

On how familiar he is with everything the Eagles went through at free safety last year: "I really didn't know much about that, you know, that it was a position in question for the Eagles until my agent started really telling me about it and what they were interested in me doing here. I just feel that the type of football player that I am, I'm a football player that is very instinctive and very aggressive. So, I feel that I can bring a lot of positive things here and make that position a strength on this team."

On the potential of the secondary as a group with the addition of Jackson: "I think there's a lot of potential and I think that I can add to that potential and make it even stronger. The offseason, it's already a quality group of guys back there in that area. It never hurts to add one more piece to the puzzle and I believe that I can be that piece."

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