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Cowboys QB Stephen McGee

On how he felt about the team's performance: "I never felt like I really got into a rhythm tonight and they did a good job. Our defense kept making plays. I take my hat off to (DE) DeMarcus Ware and the defense for making good stops on defense. Offensively we just kept batting and hung in their. It was a team effort and team win. It wasn't pretty, but at the end of the day we got a win and praise God for that."

On Witten's big catch and TD: "That is why he (TE Jason Witten) is a Pro-Bowler. That is why he is the best in the business and that is why he will go down with the best of them of all time. Every day, every practice, every meeting, and every play you are going to get his best and that is why he is so great. He is a big time player who steps up in those situations and he did that for us tonight."

On how it felt to get his first career win as a starter: "It was a last second win on the road in a tough environment against a tough defense and I am so thankful. It felt so good to get the win and to walk out of here with something to be happy about and with things to work on. There are a lot of things I want to correct and that I will beat myself up on, but at the end of the day we got the job done and praise God for that."

On the experience he gained from the playing time: "There is so much experience in just the six quarters of playing time that I got. I felt like a grew a lot. During the practice time I had this week I grew a lot. Just getting the feel of what it is like. I don't have a lot of experience under my belt, but I learned a lot."

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