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CB Trevard Lindley Conference Call

On whether he had an idea that the Eagles were interested in him: "I had a little idea that they wanted me, but I'm pretty much happy to be an Eagle."

On whether he had a visit: "No, sir. I met with them at the combine."

On describing himself as a player: "A little as a cover corner and, yes, I can come up and make a tackle, too."

On whether pick 105 was the position that he thought he was expected to go: "I thought it would be around, I guess, the third or fourth round."

On how much he knows about the Eagles' defense: "They really like to blitz and play a lot of man and apply pressure to the quarterback."

On whether he likes man coverage: "Yes, sir. That's pretty much what I did in college; a lot of man."

On what he talked about with the Eagles at the combine meeting: "We talked pretty much about cover and blitz and they said they play a lot of man, really. They asked when they blitz, can I guard my receivers."

On whether he feels he can step in and play right away: "Yeah, if they put me in, yes, sir, I'll be ready to play."

On how close he was to entering the draft last year and when he decided to stay in college for another year: "Well it was last year when I hurt my elbow in the bowl game and that's when I decided to come back my senior year and try to upgrade my stock."

On whether his elbow is fine now: "Oh yeah, it's fine now."

On whether he patterns himself after any specific player and, if so, why: "Charles Woodson. He's pretty much my favorite corner. He plays man, too, and he loves making tackles and can cover."

On having the high ankle injury and what that was like for him: "I missed four games and I tried to come back, but after a little bit, I tried to play, but a couple games after it still felt a little sore. I still tried to play on it. It pretty much felt better on the second to last game of the season. That's when it started to get better."

On who called him and what they said: "One of the coaches had called me and they said, 'Are you ready to play?' And I said, yes, sir."

On whether he knows anyone on the Eagles: "Asante Samuel and I did know Sheldon Brown, but he got traded. Macho Harris, the pick last year."

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