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CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On all of the talent on the Eagles: "I think it's going to be a very competitive atmosphere.  With the guys on this team and the guys that are being brought in I think it's going to be very competitive.  A lot of hard working and everybody bettering each other out there."

On off-season rumors about being traded: "I didn't really pay it too much mind.  It really didn't hit me until the end of July.  Just now, it's just now hitting me so I really didn't pay it any mind.  I just stayed grinding, stayed doing what I had to do."

On the news that CB Nnamdi Asomugha was joining the Eagles: "I got that much more happy.  Bringing in a guy like that, now I can learn from both him and (CB) Asante (Samuel).  I mean you can't ask for anything better as far as learning."

On whether he cares what position he lines up at: "I just worry about playing.  I know what I have in both of those guys and what they bring to the table.  At the same time I know what I can do.  I'm just going to go out there and compete."

On his first day of practice: "Different terminology, but it's still football.  It's still covering guys and reading guys, so that part was real fun.  It was fun to get out there and learn some of my teammates and learn some of the guys and how they act and the type of atmosphere it is out here.  So it was a plus day for me."

On whether he researched the Eagles in the off-season: "I really didn't do any research because, like I said, I really didn't know much about it until the end.  Towards the end I was paying more attention, but I was still just playing it by ear."

On the differences in schemes between Arizona and Philadelphia:  "In Arizona it's a lot more zero-man and out here it's a whole lot more zone coverage and man coverage.  You get everything, you just have to adapt to that."

On what he's learned about the NFL thus far into his NFL career: "It's a business and anything can happen.  One day you're in the Super Bowl, one day you're doing good, one day you're doing bad, one day you're on another team.  The main thing is just to stay focused, grounded, and know what's at stake."

On the level of talent in the Eagles secondary: "You can't describe it with the guys they put in place.  It's kind of hard to describe, but what you expect is for everyone to go out and do what they've been doing.  Just play ball.  You've got the big plays in Asante jumping stuff, and you've got the shutdown in Nnamdi.  Really, it's just for us to go out and play ball."

On whether he was surprised when he was traded: "I was kind of surprised, because they're the ones that drafted me and gave the opportunity so it came as a bit of a shock, but I'm happy to be here and I'm glad I landed here."

On whether he knows Asomugha: "No, no sir."

On what parts of his game he wants to take to the next level and improve: "Just my overall game.  Just coming in and being the guy that everyone wants me to be, the shutdown guy.  Just coming in and doing what I have to do."

On how well his skills fit with the Eagles defensive scheme: "They're all about getting after folks.  If you get a pass rush and get somebody to get after that quarterback and now you have to make that throw on time, I think that plays into my advantage of jumping the ball and breaking on the ball quickly."

On whether he knows anyone on the Eagles: "I know Jorrick Calvin, the cornerback.  He was in Arizona at first, now he's over here.  (WR) Rod Harper, who's from Bradenton, Florida, like me.  I knew him all growing up.  I'm just getting to know everybody else."

On whether he expects to play on the left side: "I don't know.  Wherever I fit in, I'm going to get in."

On whether he would be alright with being the nickel corner: "That'd be alright with me, as long as I can get on the field and compete."

On his memories of the 2008 NFC Championship game: "I do remember that.  Just the experience of it.  Big game, playing against the Eagles, them having (QB Donovan) McNabb then.  Just the overall game, just the experience of it."

On Deion Sanders being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame: "He deserves it.  A guy that really got after it for many years, and changed the game a lot for tall, speedy corners.  I think he really deserves it.  I'm really happy for him."

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