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Casey Matthews Conference Call

On what it means to be drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles: "It feels great. When I went out there for a visit, I knew that was one of the teams I wanted to go to. It's a dream come true. They drafted me, now I'm just looking forward to getting out there and just being a part of a team that wins—that's definitely a plus."

On how he sees himself fitting into the Eagles defensive schemes: "Just the way they attack. I think my defense in college is similar to how they attack the linebackers by bringing them down and I feel I do a good job with that. Again, I'm looking forward to learning the system and just evolve in whichever way I can."

On how his father and brother have been motivation for him making it to the NFL: "Well just seeing what they've been through and just seeing what Clay does now at that level, but I mean I'm my own player and I'm my own man. Obviously what they've done motivates me, but I'm trying to reach a level they haven't reached. I know it's going to take a lot of work, but that's my goal. Again, I'm my own player and I'm just looking forward to not just being "Clay's little brother" and just be known as Casey."

On the similarities him and his brother Clay share on the football field: "I think just our constant motor is one thing we both have. Even when the play is over, the best opportunities happen when you run toward the ball, because you never know what's going to happen. Obviously we're different positions, different type of players, but in that regard to our constant motor, that's where we're similar. Also, our overall knowledge. A good thing with my dad being a coach and with us both having him as a coach helps us out in picking up schemes and just learning an overall football IQ."

On whether being at the Super Bowl got him hungry to play football at the next level: "Oh yeah. After going through the process of the Super Bowl and watching my brother celebrate, I couldn't wait to get to the NFL. It's been a dream of mine even before I started playing football and now I'm just looking forward to getting going and hopefully bring a Super Bowl to Philadelphia."

On how his style of play is different than his brother's: "[I think] my instincts are better than his. He's more of an explosive athlete—that's what it takes to be an outside backer. Being an inside backer, you have to get people lined up and they have a lot of instincts. Being able to read the play and being able to get to where the ball is quick."

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