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Big Time Draft Ahead For Eagles

Here are some rambling thoughts on the exciting week ahead, which has been a long, long, long time coming in this work stoppage-interrupted NFL offseason. The Eagles have 10 draft picks and, I swear this is true, I haven't the faintest clue on what the Eagles are looking to do in the first round of the draft on Thursday. I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation, just like you ...

  • You know who I think is a real key to this draft? A rookie last year, Trevard Lindley is an important piece to what the Eagles want to do moving forward. And having this work stoppage hurts so much because a player like Lindley, who needed to get stronger and bigger after he showed signs of good things in 2010, isn't around to work in Barry Rubin's strength and conditioning program. Maybe if the Eagles had seen Lindley work hard and gain 5-8 pounds and add strength, they would have a better feel for what he might be able to do in his second season at right cornerback. But he isn't here. And the Eagles don't know what Lindley is doing in the offseason. Now, by all accounts, Lindley is an earnest and hard-working kid who is going to report for his second season in great shape. But how do the Eagles approach cornerback not knowing about Lindley? My opinion: You take no chances and at some point the team needs to address the cornerback position.
  • Here are my positions of need, in no particular order: Right guard, defensive end, cornerback, safety, linebacker, depth on offense. The Eagles can do plenty with 10 picks. They aren't in an unbelievable position like New England, which has three picks among the top 33 overall, but the Eagles have a lot of draft picks and not a lot of glaring needs. My wish list is to get two or three players who can help right away and then fill in the blanks with an impact free agent or two whenever that phase of the offseason begins.
  • How would you feel if the Eagles stayed where they are for all 10 picks and went down the line and just selected from the top of their draft board? They haven't done anything like that since the 2005 draft, which brought in a pretty talented group. I just don't think anything will surprise me this weekend.
  • We are live on starting Wednesday at 11 a.m. ('s Adam Caplan joins us in studio then) and then Merrill Reese joins me in studio on Thursday at 8 p.m. through the entire first round and then some. We're live again on Friday at 6 p.m. and then on Saturday at Noon on
  • I guess the only thing that would shock me is if the Eagles take a quarterback high in this draft. Then again, if they pick by the board and the best player on the board is a quarterback, why not? The league is starving for quarterbacks. I think this draft could very well set up a series of moves to come before the regular season begins.
  • Offensive line is a possibility, and while it wouldn't be a "sexy" pick, it would make sense early in the draft. I want the Eagles to have a dominating group up front, not just a "good" group or an "OK" line with a lot of "good" players. I want some great ones. Jason Peters is a Pro Bowl player at left tackle, but he doesn't dominate every week. Nobody up front dominates every week. It's time to dominate at the line of scrimmage.
  • Why do I have the feeling that the Eagles are going to take a player that has not been mentioned in a single mock draft in the first round on Thursday? Why do I feel that this is going to be a Jeremy Maclin situation?
  • If the Eagles trade up, I don't see them going up higher than 12 or 13. It's just asking too much to move higher than that. So that means, sorry, Patrick Peterson won't be there.
  • For the record, I would not take quarterback Cam Newton if I were Carolina, and so it won't surprise me to see him slide. You take a quarterback and then you can't even talk to him for, well, how long? Until the work stoppage is solved, that's when. Quarterbacks need to get in and learn immediately and they aren't permitted under the current labor situation.
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