Earning B.A. degree in Advertising

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Tenure: 4

College: Temple University


Community Involvement:

My family and I run a nonprofit organization to help raise suicide awareness in our community and communities surrounding it. Each year, we hold an essay contest for three different high schools in South Philadelphia where three winners are chosen. They have rewarded scholarships based on an essay prompt of how to prevent suicide. Their essay must also include how people of all ages everywhere can do their part in being there for those in need.

Favorite Appearance and why:

The New Kids On The Block Concert was my favorite appearance! Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt of dancing on stage at a concert. The Cheerleaders and I surprised the crowd by performing to an 80's mashup singalong! The crowd was ecstatic and you could feel the electricity in the air. I will always remember that feeling and the energy on the stage that night! My dream finally came true and as an Eagles Cheerleader no less!