1st Grade Teacher at a Charter School in Northeast Philadelphia

Hometown: Williamstown, NJ

Tenure: 2

College: Graduate of Saint Joseph’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Education and Special Education



Community Involvement:

I am a proud member of the Special Olympics Young Adult Committee of Philadelphia. In April 2022, I was honored to be a mentor to young Olympians as they participated in the 2022 Spring Special Olympics of Pennsylvania. The Young Adult Committee fundraises throughout the entire year to provide the young Olympians of Pennsylvania with the opportunity to play and compete in sports amongst their peers. I hold in great respect the opportunity I was given to be a part of the Spring Olympics this year and look forward to fundraising and mentoring for the upcoming Fall Special Olympics of Pennsylvania.

Additionally, close to my heart is the Travis Manion foundation. This foundation develops opportunities and events which are designed to inspire, support, and raise money for gold star families who have lost loved ones in service to our nation. This past month, I had the pleasure to attend the annual Travis Manion foundation's Prum Ball and helped raise over one thousand dollars for their cause. I plan to make this special event an annual tradition.

Favorite Appearance and Why: Currently, the most exciting appearance was at a cheer facility in Central Pennsylvania called Cheer Tyme. A few other cheerleaders and I were able to attend a practice of the fabulous Cheer Inspiration. Cheer Inspiration is an inclusive team which allows cheerleaders with various disabilities to come together and participate in their favorite sport - cheerleading. As a first-grade special education teacher myself, this appearance emotionally hit home. Walking into the facility, I was greeted by the owners of Cheer Tyme, and die-heart Eagles fans, Kim and Scott Brassch. Kim and Scott radiated with excitement as soon as we walked through the doors which made me feel right at home. I was graciously given the opportunity to lead the cheerleaders in their warm-up, and as I looked around the room - parents, cheerleaders and my teammates were all smiling ear to ear. Inclusion is imperative, especially as a first-grade special education teacher. When inclusion takes place, everyone in the room feels valued and welcome. Team Inspiration fulfills this goal and more! Even though I was there to help and inspire those cheerleaders, they were the ones who unknowingly inspired me. This night will forever leave an imprint on my heart.

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