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WR Jeremy Maclin, WR Kelley Washington, OG Max Jean-Gilles, LB Ernie Sims

G Max Jean-Gilles
On getting dehydrated: "We were doing a lot of drills back-to-back-to-back, so I didn't really have a lot of time to rest. So, as soon as I caught my breath, I was out of wind."

On whether the heat has ever bothered him before at Lehigh: "No, because I train in Miami, so this is cool to me."

On whether there were any extra precautions taken to prevent getting dehydrated: "They pumped a lot of electrolytes in me, a lot of electrolytes. The water couldn't go down, but every time I tried to throw up Gatorade, they just kept pumping some more so it could stay down."

On whether the electrolytes were pumped in through IV: "No, electrolytes inside the Gatorade."

On whether he got any IV's before morning practice: "No. I might get some for the afternoon practice."

On whether he felt good: "I felt way better yesterday. I was tired, but I was good."

On whether each day is a guessing game on how he is going to feel because getting dehydrated is something new for him: "Depending on what we do. If we bang more, I'll be a little bit more dehydrated because I don't have time to recover as much."

On what he eats between practices and for dinner: "I try to eat a lot of salads, so I can have more water and stuff."

DE Trent Cole

On how DE Brandon Graham is doing on the other side of the defensive line: "I haven't gotten a chance to play with him yet, too much. I got a chance to look at him a little bit. He's a solid player. I look at him as another (Dwight) Freeney ordeal. He's a great player and just keep watching because he's going to be pretty good."

On having so many defensive ends at training camp: "You keep everybody fresh, so you got guys rolling in at 100% every time."

On whether having another explosive defensive end on the other side of the ball would help take attention off him: "I don't know about that. If you're a playmaker it doesn't matter who's on the other side and it doesn't matter who's where. If I was a team I'm going to stop the guy who's causing problems, so it's a situation of that. Who's ever causing problems that's the guy they're going to key on."

On whether having someone else on the other side of the ball causing some problems would help him: "It's going to help everybody. It's going to help all of us."

On having a small and fast defense: "It's a fast defense. We got some small guys that play bigger then what they are and they're fast, so it all evens out."

WR Kelley Washington

On the 7-on-7 drill: "That's when you really want to show them you can make some plays and catch the ball, just stay consistent day-in and day-out just catching the ball. Once the names of things start to come up and the plays are scripted they understand that you're going to know what you're going to do. But they really want to see that you can make plays in the individual work."

On him being familiar with the offense: "I'm not familiar with the offense. I'm just familiar with playing in the league. I played in some big games and on big teams, playoff teams and different things like that. I've got some good experience and just being a good leader for the guys and just when I'm in there just making some plays. Being a big body here- there's a lot of smaller, quicker receivers- just being a big, physical receiver and being able to play special teams really helps out a lot. I'm just looking to come in and contribute."

On whether the Eagles have talked to him about playing special teams: "The more you can do. Playing receiver is good, but when you can play special teams, as well as receiver, it's just the more you can do. I understand that and that's how it's going to be for the rest of my career. I like that role."

On whether being a special teams guy has caused teams to overlook his wide receiver skills: "I showed everybody last year that I can play receiver in the league. I had a good season for the Ravens, but playing special teams is a major impact, a major part of the game, so if you can go out there and contribute and get you on the field then that's what any player would do, especially in this league. There's only so many balls to go around, so many positions, but when you can play special teams then you might not have a job here, but somebody's going to see your talent that you can contribute."

On his thoughts about Bobby April as a special teams coach: "He comes from a great background with the Bills and all of his teams. I've played against the Bills and they've always been a tough special teams group and he just understands how important special teams means to a game. Any player that's playing in the National Football League week-in and week-out knows that the game, there's going to be a game-changing play on special teams every single game. It's important, so when guys really step up and play special teams and really relish that role then they're great contributors to a team."

On what he does especially well on special teams: "I just think I'm aggressive. I'm an aggressive, athletic guy that can run around and make plays on the field whether it be gunner, whether it be kickoff team, just making plays just like a receiver, a tight end, any player on the field there's going to be special team guys that are making very big impacts during a game. I've always been that type of guy who's made impacts whether it be blocking a punt, or whether it be a big-time play on a kickoff to start the game there's big game changing plays, again, every week."

WR Jeremy Maclin
On whether the Eagles will open up the playbook for QB Kevin Kolb: "I'm pretty sure that whatever they want to do I think they'll put us in the best opportunity to win the game. I think they have a lot of faith in Kevin and a lot of faith in everybody else. So I think we'll definitely open it up a little bit and stretch the field, go short, run the ball and do everything we can to gain an advantage on our opponent."

On whether different plays or formations are being installed this year: "The West Coast is pretty much the West Coast. Obviously, there's little tweaks and little tricks here and there, but it is what it is and it's our job to perfect it."

On whether he is more comfortable with the West Coast system this year: "A lot more confident, man. I think it's just being a year older. I still have a lot to learn, it's only my second year so I'm trying to get better and learn new things every day."

On how he wants to improve this year: "Just learning the offense. I have a really good understanding of it, but the West Coast is so complex, so demanding that every little thing has to be done right. There's a lot of stuff based on timing, so just getting all that stuff down and knowing the ins and outs of it. I have a pretty good grasp on it, but you can always get better at it every day."

On whether he wants to know the West Coast offense on the level Kolb knows it: "I want to know what everybody's doing on every play. I have an idea. A lot of plays I kind of do, but there are certain plays where I don't even know what I'm doing, so I think once you get that I think it's kind of hard to stop everybody who knows everything that's going on."

On whether moving around and playing in different formations helps him learn the offense better: "(Offensive Coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) does a great job of putting guys in positions to go out there and make plays. He's definitely going to move us around a little bit; move (WR DeSean Jackson), move me and (WR Jason) Avant around a little bit. So, like I said knowing what everybody's doing because you never know what's going to happen in a game. Let's say, let's pray to God this doesn't happen, but somebody goes down then you step in there on that particular play you have to know what's going on. So, I think that will definitely, definitely help me a lot."

LB Ernie Sims On whether it is hard to settle into the defense because he's been playing with so many different players: "No, not really. They're doing that to try and get everybody work at different positions. I just pretty much have to know what I'm doing. Those guys, Omar (Gaither) and (Akeem) Jordan, they've been around for a minute, so they know what they're doing. It's pretty much helping me, so all of us are doing a good job."

On whether it is good to be at Eagles training camp and the vibe he is getting: "To be honest with you, it's the same type of intensity. Everybody is so eager. They're happy about the season starting and they're (chomping at the bit). It's just a different team, that's pretty much what it is. I'm just happy to be in Philadelphia."

On whether it is nice to be in Philadelphia with all the expectations: "Expectations are a whole lot higher and I'm happy about that. I like when the pressure's on me and like I said I'm just excited for the season to start, I'm ready."

On whether he puts personal demand on himself because team expectations are higher: "I'm my toughest critic. If I make a mistake on film I'm grading myself. The coaches don't have to tell, they're going to tell me regardless, but I'm always making a mental note of my mistakes. I'm trying to get better and better, so that I can help this team and help this defense out."

On whether he thinks his abilities are not being recognized by the league: "It is what it is. I'm not conceited, but I'm confident. God made me humble. I'm just going to go out there and play, and my play is going to speak for me. I'm not going to go out there and say I'm the best, and I'm this, and that, and that, that's not my style. I'm going to go out there and play football."

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