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WR Jackson, CB Asomugha, OT Bell

WR DeSean Jackson

On whether he believes the momentum from the end of last season carries into the offseason program: "I don't know if we could use it to carry over, but the momentum we had to end the season is a good start. I think we can kind of go back to just refreshing that in our memory with the last four games as far as the people who were here. For the people who weren't here, it'll be hard to gain that momentum. The guys that were here have that hunger and the feeling of having our backs against the wall, especially since we had a terrible start to the season. This year the biggest thing is to start fast and finish strong."

On what he is working on specifically now through training camp: "Being a leader, carrying the guys with me, and stepping up and being accountable. That's the biggest thing that this team needs. With myself, (QB Michael) Vick, (WR Jeremy) Maclin, (RB LeSean) McCoy, (TE Brent) Celek, as far as the offense goes, it starts there first and foremost. We have to go out there and help our defense out by going out and scoring as many points as possible. As long as we're able to do that and lead as leaders and everybody watches us and follows along, it doesn't have to be any screaming and yelling or anything, but as long as we can lead by example and we're going out there and showing the young guys what to do out there, everyone else will follow."

On whether he thinks the offense can continue to grow steadily after regressing last year with turnovers: "Yeah, that's the biggest thing honestly. You can't just have times of playing well and times of playing terrible. We just have to try and figure out what we're doing and stick with it. That's our identity. We don't want to be a team that's known for its ups and downs. We want a team that 's known for being solid all around, and keeps getting better every day. As long as we keep coming out on this field every day and doing work, I think it's going to show and rub off on Sundays."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On whether he feels more comfortable now that there will be more defined roles this season after Asante Samuel's departure: "The comfort doesn't come from Asante not being here. It comes from the fact that we're another year into it. Obviously if this was the situation last year, there might be a different comfort level, but it's not necessarily that he's not here. It's just we get to focus better because now we know what we're doing specifically."

On whether the big difference between playing outside versus inside was a factor: "No, there are some similarities but I think the bigger factor is that I've been through it. There are some similarities, but it's a matter of being sharper and remembering the things that we went through last year."

On whether he expects to move inside to cover a bigger tight end or receiver: "Sometimes you'll go against teams where that's the number one target, and you always want to cover the number one target. If the tight end is that big of a threat, and the majority of the time, that's where you'll see the moving around with tight ends."

On how comfortable he is now to have a more defined role as opposed to last year when he did not know where he would be playing: "I think it's huge, and the comfort level is huge knowing who your teammates are going into practice as opposed to going into the games and not knowing – you might know their names but not necessarily how they play. I know these guys now much better and they know me, so we know what works better and what doesn't work. Even if guys have lost some of that through the offseason when we weren't together, coming back out here and getting these plays will help you remember and get back into it."

LT Demetress Bell

On how his practices have gone with the Eagles: "Everything is coming together. The more you take physical reps on the field and the more you talk, the better off you are getting the verbage of the system. The second day was a whole lot better than yesterday."

On how much different the scheme is than what he ran in Buffalo: "The scheme is different as far as pass blocking because it's a lot more physical and a lot less passive where you're not sitting back. With the run game, you rely on getting different angles so the run game is a lot different."

On whether he expects it will be a lengthy process to learn the system: "I think the more we have the kind of days like this, the better off it will be for me. In two or three weeks, I think I'll be settled in perfectly."

On whether offensive line coach Howard Mudd's physical style of o-line play fits his skills better: "I think if you're athletic, it's kind of better for you. It's like a defensive slide in basketball."

On his transition as a whole to becoming a Philadelphia Eagle: "I think this is a great organization and I made a great choice in coming here. I've fallen in love with being here, and the great coaches and players have welcomed me in with open arms. I'm loving it, really."

On whether he feels extra pressure because Jason Peters experienced a setback: "No. I know what they brought me in here to do. Yes, he's a five-time Pro Bowler, but I don't think I'll have a problem stepping in and filling those shoes."

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