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WR D. Jackson, C J. Jackson, TE Harbor

C Jamaal Jackson

On getting back in there with the starters: "It was taking a little bit of time, you know, just adjusting to the speed and the tempo. After that, like you said, it's like riding a bike. Hopefully I can get out there and not have any major rust and just try to play football."

On the difference of playing with QB Donovan McNabb compared to QB Kevin Kolb: "It's the same. One's a little bit taller than the other, but nothing real different as far as the center position goes. I think we'll work fine."

WR DeSean Jackson

On the importance of getting in the end zone this game and gaining confidence going into the regular season: "We just need to do what we need to do to win games and to put points on the board. As far as the number one offense, that's what's expected out of us. I feel we have a task to go out there and put up points. No matter if we haven't scored, not one point, or scored 12, 14 – whatever it is, we just need to go out there and execute. We're not going to make a big deal out of it. Just go out there and work hard."

TE Clay Harbor

On his blocking: "(Tight ends) Coach (Tom) Melvin and (offensive coordinator) coach (Marty) Mornhinweg have told me I need to improve my technique a lot. Sometimes my hands will get outside and I'll over-extend and I've been working on that. I'm pretty good at coming out and striking people, I've just got to latch on and make sure I keep good footwork and good base and keep driving them. My blocking has come on a lot since the beginning camp."

On whether running routes or blocking is the biggest adjustment coming from a small college to the NFL: "I'd probably say blocking guys just because sometimes in college you could take some bad footwork…it could help you in ways with your technique and you're just a better athlete. You're stronger than the guy that's blocking. In the NFL you definitely can't do that. You've got huge defensive ends that are athletic, very athletic. Just to give yourself a chance to win, you have to have perfect technique, as well as come as hard as you can. The blocking has been the biggest change from the small college I came to until now. It's coming along, but it's definitely a lot harder."

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