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WR Chad Hall

On getting back into football mode after being out of football for the past two years: "I definitely had to get back into football shape. Over the last six months, I have been throwing with a couple different quarterbacks and trying to get the ball in my hands as much as possible. But, like you said, until I get with a team and do it every day – I think it's going to help me out a lot. I do have a challenge, but I'm ready for it."

On how much interest there was with the Eagles and why he is here right now as opposed to being somewhere else: "I had my first workout on Monday. It was a pro day at the University of Utah. My agent got a couple calls from different teams after that on Tuesday. The Eagles showed the most interest and brought me out here yesterday. I worked out for them today and everything worked out. I'm definitely excited to be an Eagle. It's a great offense to be in and I'm just looking forward to learning it."

On how big a job he has in front of him in terms of getting back into football shape: "It's definitely a big task, ball-wise. Two years ago, I'm in a lot better shape. Just physically, I'm stronger, I weigh more and it's all good weight. I've been working out constantly for the past year and a half. It's not like I've been taking a break or anything. Besides the Air Force, which was my primary mission, after that my one goal, my one dream in life was to get back on the field and play in the NFL. So, that's my number one hobby. I definitely haven't taken a break by any means. I've worked five, six days a week for the past two years."

On his specialties on the field including punt and kick return: "I do both, punt and kick return. Also, slot receiver and a little third-down back."

On his strengths: "I think versatility is one of my strengths because I can play a couple different positions. It's whatever they need; I'll do anything. I'll do anything they ask me and I'll do it the best I can."

On how much he played on the outside at Air Force and what the Eagles envision the best spot will be for him on the team: "At the Air Force I played – most times there I was a running back – but I did play slot receiver my senior year. I switched off between that and running back throughout the season. As an Eagle, I think it will be a return man and a slot receiver first."

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