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What Do Eagles Think Of The Top Prospects?


Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman met with reporters for over an hour on Monday morning to preview the 2016 NFL Draft. During the discussion, the two offered their thoughts on some of the top prospects in this year's class. Here's what Pederson and Roseman had to say about those players.

QB Carson Wentz

"I like him. I think he's got everything you want in a quarterback at this level," Pederson said. "You never know. Quarterback is a unique position at the NFL level. I think guys come in here and there's an expectation level that they have and there's an expectation level that we have as a coaching staff. I like him. I like his size, I like his arm strength and I like his mobility. He's a bigger kid. I think he has all the tools to be an NFL quarterback.

"This kid is pretty impressive. I'm excited to see where he goes and I'm excited to follow his career."

Comparing Wentz and QB Jared Goff

"Those guys are pretty even in my opinion," Pederson said. "From all of the physical tools, both of them are extremely gifted there. Good arm strength, mobility. Carson's a little bigger, maybe a little better athlete. There's not much separating those two.

"Goff is probably more the undersized of the three (including Paxton Lynch) at 218 pounds, but I was 218 pounds as a quarterback, so I don't put a lot of merit into weight."

When asked if both Goff and Wentz were franchise quarterbacks, Pederson responded, "I believe so."

QB Paxton Lynch

"I don't think he's that far (behind Goff and Wentz)," Pederson said. "I think someone in this draft who is looking to develop their future (quarterback) could reach up and grab a Paxton Lynch. He's another impressive player.

"For us at No. 8, you look at other areas of need. I don't know if necessarily that would be the spot to take someone like him. I do think he's someone you have to have special consideration if you're looking for a quarterback."

QB Christian Hackenberg

"I was pleasantly surprised," Pederson said. "I've never met him before. I had a chance to go out there and visit with him. I loved his demeanor. As a quarterback, he's got all of the physical tools - great arm, good mobility. There's just some things fundamentally that he'll work on going forward. I think he's another one who has good potential in this league."

RB Ezekiel Elliott

"There's no question (he's a complete back)," Roseman said. "I think what he does when the ball is not in his hands is kind of rare. You see it. He's got a mentality where he wants to pass protect. He'll be a lead blocker. It's something that's kind of rare in college football right now.

"I think it's a pretty easy evaluation. He can do it all. He can run the ball. He can catch the ball. He can pass protect. They used him as a lead blocker. He's a winner. He's got a competitive fire. He's fun to be around. He reminds me of some of the running backs we've had here who played with that kind of energy. Someone told me a long time ago that the running back sets the tone for your identity and certainly he did that at Ohio State."

"I think he's a difference-maker," Pederson said. "I think he's an every-down back. I think he's got the right skill set to do that in this league. He's a dynamic player and I think his body of work has spoken for itself."

T Laremy Tunsil

"I think he's probably the clear-cut favorite at tackle to be the first one off the board," Pederson said. "I think he's definitely that good. He's a day-one starter for you at tackle. He'd be an exciting player, if given the opportunity, on our roster."

T Ronnie Stanley

"You talk about the length that he possesses with the athleticism," Roseman said. "He's a really refined pass protector. It's hard to find those guys and he has experience playing the left and the right sides. Those guys usually don't stay around too long on draft day."

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