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Wednesday Morning Practice Recap

A lot took place on the practice field this morning. The pads were back on for the first time in a few days. The refs and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg chatted after practice. Here is the morning practice recap via our up-to-the-second coverage on Twitter @EaglesInsider

"Nick Cole back at practice after missing yesterday afternoon's session with knee swelling."

"DeSean out at practice watching his teammates. A teasing Coach Culley calling him the "ballboy."

"Asante Samuel is also out with the DBs in shorts and jersey watching his in-pads teammates."

"Also returning to practice is RB Mike Bell, who missed some time with a hamstring. Definitely encouraging."

"Interesting wrinkle to the #1 nickel just now in teams: Trevor Laws at DT in the spot previously occupied by Darryl Tapp."

"And we're live for first time in a couple days ... Vick w/ 1s on 3rd and 1 stopped short by nice surge from Graham, Laws, Owens."

"2O/1D now: Bradley nails Buckley after a spin move on Mikell for stop short ... Buckley then spins away from Parker stop in backfield."

"Graham working w/ 1s at LDE."

"Live goal line now: 1O heavy includes King Dunlap and Clay Harbor: Nice cutback TD for McCoy inside left."

"Another McCoy TD behind Max J-G ... Charles Scott gets a carry w/ 1s but stopped just short by Gaither among others."

"1 goal line D is Parker, Patterson, Owens, Bunkley, Laws, Cole, Bradley, Sims, Allen, Mikell Hobbs. Owens taking Dixon's spot at nose."

"3s includes Avant in backfield for a snap, play-action TD Kafka to Harbor."

"David Akers gets big ovation from crowd after stroking some 50 yarders."

"Another OL/DL 1v1 session wrapped. Most impressive: Graham, Howard, Duncan Te'o. Want to see Graham get some more reps vs. starters."

"1O/2D live now: W Maclin DeSean out, Cooper getting some 1st team reps. McCoy with nice 15 yd burst up middle, Lindley w open field tackle."

"Chad Hall now in w/ 1s. 1st down pass to Avant. Cooper catches ball tipped at line by either Owens or Laws."

"Lindley w/ another nice tackle, this time on head-of-steam Weaver."

"2O/1D: Flea flicker sniffed out by D, forces Vick roll out and incomplete pass, knocked down by Hobbs."

"Eldra Buckley just got absolutely rocked by Ernie Sims. Bradley stood him up after a Vick pass Sims came in and popped his helmet off."

"Buckley then down on ground for a bit before finally coming off."

"Mornhinweg: I do expect Vick to be bigger factor in offense this year."

"Vick: I can just focus on football now. Has no problem holding himself to a higher standard because he's a changed man."

"Mornhinweg spoke highly of Charles Scott: "RB skills in FB body."

"NFL official Walt Coleman will now talk to media about rule changes for 2010 season."

"More long snapper protections this year: D lineman must line up entire body outside LS's shoulder."

"Player safety is highest priority: Play is blown dead at spot if player's helmet comes off."

"Remember new playoff OT rules: Both teams get chance to possess unless TD on opening drive. If tied after both possess, sudden death."

"Umpire now positioned on offensive side of ball, except for last 2 minutes of 2nd or 4th quarter."

"Move of umpire will complicate hurry-up offenses a bit outside of 2 minutes. Ball can't be snapped until umpire is out of the way."

"Move of umpire into backfield will also likely increase offensive holding calls. Ump will have better view of it."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 12:11 p.m., August 4

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