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Today Is A Day For Eagles' Sense Of Urgency

SAN FRANCISCO -- I have very little to say here. No words of encouragement. I have high expectations, great hopes and at the same time I understand the picture: The Eagles are 2-3 and have been a disappointing team after five games. They can climb out of the hole, yes, but it will take the course of many weeks to climb back in the NFC East picture. Today, against the 49ers, the Eagles have a season on the line.

How will they respond?

I don't know. I've been wrong the last two weeks. I don't know about this team as it enters a crossroads kind of game today. A win gives the Eagles a good taste with a bye week ahead. A loss ... I won't go there.

Today is a test to see how much the Eagles have in their collective chests. They are down some key players on offense, but that is no excuse. Just facts. The Eagles have felt good about their depth since the spring, and today is a good day to see if their evaluations then were true.

Anyway, it is an urgent situation and the Eagles have to play that way. Blah, blah, blah. You're sick of the blahs. You're sick of 2-3, and of an offense that hasn't finished drives, and of a special teams that has been better, but not yet spotless and you're sick of a defense that isn't putting together 60-minute games.

You're sick about 2-3.

Join the club.

I see today as a game that keeps a season alive. It is a treacherous spot -- on the road against a 2-3 49ers team that can rise up and play pretty good football. The 49ers have some weapons. The 49ers have some talent. The 49ers are still really beatable, but so, apparently, are the Eagles.

I think the Eagles aren't going to change all that much from previous weeks in terms of their approach. You don't just pick up take a 180-degree turn in the middle of a season, but you have to tweak things. I want to see how the coaching staff has addressed the season's deficiencies in the week that was. And I want to see how the players respond to an urgent spot.

A season is on the line here. That Eagles can't afford to go to 2-4. They are in must-win mode the rest of the way, and boy, I hope the Eagles show that kind of desperation and aggressiveness every week moving forward.

So there are no magical words, no glowing praise and absolutely no thoughts looking forward. It's all about today. The season needs to turn around starting today. There is no other way to go. Win today. Whatever it takes, win today.

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