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This Eagles Fan Will Welcome The New QB


At 14 years old, Charles Pullar was willing to do whatever it took to become an Eagles Season Ticket Member. He used to cut lawns for change and knew that after 28 jobs his tickets were paid for the year.

That was back in 1962 and since then Pullar has attended week after week, enjoying every moment he watches his Eagles take the field. It's not just a pastime or a passion for him. Being an Eagles fan is a way of life.

"It's ingrained from each generation to the next, passed down," he said. "It's like genetics. It's been a big part of my life. We've always gone to games.

"One of the reasons I liked having season tickets was in those times, if you didn't go to the game or have season tickets, they didn't broadcast home games. The only games you got to see were the away games because they wanted to start getting attendance numbers higher. If you wanted to see the games, you actually had to go there."

He still remembers the first game he saw in person, one against the Cleveland Browns. He watched from the wooden benches at Franklin Field in awe and has been there - whether it's been at Veterans Stadium or Lincoln Financial Field - every step of the way since.

Now, after 53 years as a Season Ticket Member, Pullar will have the opportunity to experience something he never has before. He will attend the 2016 NFL Draft thanks to the team he's supported his entire life and the help of his brother Tom.

The surprise all came together last month when Pullar's brother and the Eagles planned a surprise visit to the NovaCare Complex, where the Season Ticket Member learned he'd be making the trip to Chicago.

"My brother said he was stopping over for lunch," Pullar said. "He came in and I looked outside and there was a limo out there. It didn't click and then he starts explaining it to me and it was almost like I was in a dream, like it wasn't really reality.

"I was totally shocked and surprised. He was there with my nephew and we went to the NovaCare Complex from there. It was exciting. The whole day was exciting. I enjoyed the tour. The other thing is the people down there. Everybody came up and introduced themselves to me, explained what they did. It was really great. I was thrilled. I really was."

When the Eagles select the second overall pick on Thursday night, which was coincidentally acquired from the Browns, he will be on the draft floor.

The Season Ticket Member is excited to have a new perspective on the process and is also ready to see just who the team selects. Will it be Jared Goff or Carson Wentz?

"I'm looking forward to it. Being there on the ground floor is probably a whole other perspective," Pullar said. "I've always seen it on television but I think seeing it live is going to be an exciting event."

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