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Things I Think I Know About The Eagles

If you were listen only to certain media outlets, you would swear that just about every Eagles fan wants the team to trade quarterback Donovan McNabb in the off-season, that the fans believe the offense needs to be overhauled and run more and that, well, the world is caving in on this football team. That's why we have polls every day on the home page here, and it is a good place to begin here ...

So let's start with the quarterback position, the daily conversation piece for Eagles fans, for the Philadelphia media and for national speculation. On February 1, we ran a poll that asked, "Which QB Is Your Favorite For 2010?" We had 12,851 votes -- one vote per IP address, mind you -- and McNabb garnered 53 percent of the vote, Kevin Kolb gained 33.8 percent of the vote and Michael Vick collected 13.2 percent of the votes.

So what does it mean? Well, it means that the quarterback position is one that fans are focused on, vocal about, and not nearly as one sided and some out there would make you think.

The next day, we asked what you expected from offensive lineman Stacy Andrews in the coming season. Nearly 58 percent of the 7,778 votes indicated an expectation of Andrews -- 27.6 percent said he should be the starting right guard in 2010, and 27.2 percent said they are taking a wait-and-see approach.

Me? I expect him to be a starting right guard, and a very good one at that. Otherwise, the Eagles will have made a very large miscalculation in last year's free agency. Andrews already was a vast disappointment in his first year as an Eagle, and he has a chance to rebound in a big way in 2010.

And, finally, looking back just a bit further, we asked in what way during the off-season you think the Eagles will make the most impact -- trade route, free agency or the draft -- and 39.2 percent of the nearly 9,000 votes suggested free agency. The draft garnered 31.5 percent of the vote and 29.4 percent of the vote opted for the trade route.

I think it's the draft, by a large margin. Oh, I'm not ruling out a major trade, and we have discussed this many times in the weeks since the season ended, but the draft is always the foundation of an off-season.

Thanks for the votes. Keep 'em coming.


 Best of luck to Donte' Stallworth regaining his NFL career. Stallworth, reinstated this week by Commissioner Roger Goodell, deserves another opportunity to play in the league. And no, there is no place on the Eagles' roster for Stallworth, who is probably a fringe starting-caliber receiver in the league. The Eagles may very well add to their receiving corps -- keep on eye on what happens with Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis and see if they are in the plans for 2010 -- but they don't need starters. With DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant, the Eagles are as well stocked 1-3 as any team in the league.  
  • Keeping track of the b.s. rumors about which teams are interested in McNabb and who have had conversations with the Eagles about acquiring the six-time Pro Bowl quarterback. All of it is speculation. Ah, the off-season. Time for some real news.
  • Michael Lombardi proposed a trade on that would send Kolb to Cleveland for defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. I love Lombardi and I think he does he work and I absolutely think the Browns would do that deal in a second. But I wouldn't do that deal from an Eagles' standpoint in any way, shape or form. Rogers is a good player. But the Eagles have two good starters at defensive tackle and, besides, I have a much higher opinion of Kolb's value. I really think Kolb is going to be an outstanding quarterback in this league.
  • NFL teams can use the franchise tag starting Thursday, but don't expect the Eagles to use the tag. Gotta tell you, I think the most interesting part of free agency is how the Eagles tender their restricted free agents and how many they retain. I don't see much of a market for the unrestricted players who will hit the market in a month.
  • Julius Peppers is posturing right now, people. Yeah, I expect him to be an unrestricted free agent, but I have no sense of what the market for him would be given a draft that should have a lot of good, young defensive end prospects. I really don't expect much from free agency. But I said the same thing last year and the Eagles went crazy with trades, signings, etc. It was a wild and crazy off-season.
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