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SS Quintin Mikell

On the difficulty of facing a team with two strong wide receivers: "It makes it a lot tougher. I'm glad that I'm not playing the Eagles. We have so many weapons on that offense; anybody can step in and do good things. I think we're fortunate that we have those guys on our team. It definitely causes fits for other people."

On whether he thinks WR DeSean Jackosn and WR Jeremy Maclin are capable of becoming an elite pair of receivers: "[Yes], as long as they keep that drive and they keep wanting to get better and wanting to dominate, and that goes for both of them. I think they have that and as long as they have that, and don't get complacent, they're going to be as good as they want to be."

On what concerns him about the Raiders' offense: "I think they have a lot of weapons. They have a lot of speed. They have a lot of playmakers. If they can pull everything together it could be tough. We have a good defense. We want to keep attacking; we want to keep coming after them. I'm sure they know that, so it's going to be a long day, but we just have to be ready to play."

On whether the film reveals skills Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell may have that the stat charts don't show: "Obviously his arm is ridiculously strong and he's pretty mobile. He's still developing and I think whenever you're a first-round pick people tend to jump on things a little bit quicker. He's been thrown into the fire a little bit and the jury is still out. That doesn't matter to us. We're still going to come after him and we're still going to play aggressive and try to make plays."

On the amount the defense blitzed last week: "It was a little bit different, but that's what we've said along. We're a different defense than we've been in the past and we're going to do stuff like that. We're not going to play scared. We're not going to back off. If we feel like there's something there, we're going to keep going. I think we learned a lot from that. Obviously there were some plays that we gave up, but this is the perfect time to fix them. We're learning and we're progressing as the season [goes on] and there are going to be times when need them in the crunch time and it's the perfect time to do it because we'll be getting better each week."

On whether when they are playing teams with poor records they watch film of when the team was successful: "The way we watch film, we've gone back a couple years in the past. We do whatever we can to get that edge. We might look at tape from another team if a coach was coming from another squad. We look at everything. We've seen all their games this year. We've seen a lot of their games from last year and that's how we do it around here. We're going to be ready for them."

On whether he feels he needs to be reminded not to take teams lightly: "I don't think so. I don't care who we're playing, we want to dominate. We want to go out there and play well. I don't care if it's here, if it's Oakland, wherever. We want to go out there and put on a good showing. Everyone in the locker feels the same way so we don't get concerned about records and all that stuff because I'm sure they're going to bring it and we're going to bring it to so we have to get ready to go."

On whether having two great cornerbacks like CB Sheldon Brown and CB Asante Samuel makes his job easier: "It makes it way easier. I know that they're going to be where they need to be. They know I'm going to be where I need to be. It lets you play looser when you don't have to worry about those kinds of things. I'm glad we have those guys and hopefully we'll keep them around for a long time."

On whether playing with Brown and Samuel allows him to cheat more to one side or another: "I don't really play my game like that. I don't really worry about how they're going to play, I just know they're going to be where they need to be. If they have to be in the outside shade they're going to be there and if I have to be in the deep middle, they know I'm going to be there for them. I don't really cheat too much. I'm kind of by the book in the way I play. I'm sure they know that I'm going to be where I need to be too."

On Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha: "I've know Nnamdi for awhile. He's a tremendous athlete, tremendous player, [and a] tremendous cornerback. He plays man and he just locks up his side, he presses, bump-and-run all day and he stays with his receivers. I'm sure that we have something ready for that on our offensive side and we'll see how it goes."

On S Macho Harris' performance in his first month: "I think he's played pretty well. We ask a lot from our safeties here and especially being a rookie, he's done well. I was telling him the other day that if you'd seen me as a rookie there's no way I would have been on the field. He's doing pretty well. I believe in him and I think he's going to do some good things this year."

On how difficult it is to come in as a rookie and start on this defense: "It's really tough; I don't think people can really understand. Our complete defense changes each week. We might do something one week and it will be the same call, but it will be completely different the next week. I think what he's done so far has been pretty good. Nobody is going to be perfect. I haven't been perfect; no one is perfect. He's done a good job so far."

On how Harris is dealing with the ups and downs of the season: "He seems pretty good handling it so far. Obviously, the way I came up learning from [S Brian Dawkins], I go over and talk to him and make sure he's okay and give him little words of advice. But he seems so far like he's handling it. He's always been an even-keeled guy. He doesn't get too up or too down, so I think so far he's doing well."

On whether he has spoken with Dawkins: "We try to talk each week. He's enjoying it out there. He's having a good time."

On whether he likes wearing the communicating helmet: "Yeah, I liked it. It was fun. I was able to get the call right away. I didn't give that many calls in the huddle, I let the linebackers do that. It seemed to work out well, so I enjoyed it. It was fun."

On how communicating the play to the defense works: "It depends, if there's time then I relay the call [to the middle linebacker]. If not, then I'll [call the play in the huddle]. But, it worked really smoothly last week, we didn't have a problem."

On the single biggest difference about the defense this year: "There haven't been a whole lot of differences. I think the main thing is we're changing up our looks, we're doing different things. For instance, the first game when we put [DE] Trent [Cole] and [DE] Darren [Howard] in the A-gaps on our blitzes. Just little things like that, little wrinkles that change up and give different looks. That's one of the things that's been a lot of fun that we've done this year, little wrinkles."

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