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SS Quintin Mikell

On whether it is strange having Sean McDermott in this new role as defensive coordinator: "It's not too different; I've been around Sean for a while and he's the same guy. It's always tough in the preseason because it's tough to really game plan. We just get out there and see who can play, who can make adjustments, stuff like that so until the real bullets start flying, that's when we'll really see what we're about."

On how comfortable McDermott seems as a defensive coordinator: "He seems really comfortable. He's calm. He made adjustments in the game and for all the eyes on him and with the entire situation he's in, he's handling it pretty well so far."

On whether he is curios to see how well McDermott handles himself in the first game: "I think anytime anyone steps in that position, and not only Sean but you got (S) Quintin Demps and (LB) Joe Mays and I think whenever you've got new guys stepping in everyone is going wonder, everyone is going to want to look at those type of things. But, me personally, I know Sean, I know his demeanor, I know what he can do, so I'm already a step ahead of everyone, and a lot of guys are a step ahead so I think we'll be fine."

On the first game and the importance of the defense starting out strong in light of Steve Spagnuolo's rough start in 2007 when he was defensive coordinator of the Giants: "I think first of all, there are two things that need to be said about that: it's not how you start it's how you finish and I think that's really the case with (Rams) coach (Steve Spagnuolo). But, that being said, they were learning a whole new defense, they were starting from scratch and I don't think that will happen with us. We've got a lot of guys coming back. Sure we've got some new faces, but the core is set and I just don't think that will happen. We're going to try and pick up from where we left off last season."

On the importance of getting the defense in order and having players like CB Sheldon Brown out on the field: "Sheldon, that's my man. He's one of the top corners in this league and he's definitely proven that over the years and we need him out there. He's got a little thing going on but, he's a fighter and when he's ready to go he's going to give us everything he's got and we're definitely going to need him out there."

On whether Sheldon Brown is the type of player who is more appreciated on the field than in the stat book: "The stuff he does is the dirty work. He's where he needs to be. As a safety, I love that because I know where he's going to be, I know he's going to jam when he needs to jam, I know if he's got to make a tackle on a running back he's going to come up and do it. I'm not saying that our other guys don't, because all of our guys will do that, but Sheldon has been proven to really step up and you can see it in the New England game. (QB) Tom Brady, and (WR) Joey Galloway and (WR Randy) Moss, and he made plays on both of those guys. He's the kind of guy who steps up no matter who we're playing."

On the attitude among the defense after Thursday's game: "I think a lot of the frustration with that game was that we practiced a lot of stuff and we got away from it. We started thinking too much and we really beat ourselves in that game, so that was a lot of the frustration. I think we just got back to cutting loose and just playing ball and not thinking so much and we're working on that this week. We're going to go out there and fly around and have some fun. That's what we do it for, is having fun and enjoying the game. That's the focus this week, not necessarily think so much, just going out there, cutting loose and having fun."

On what he's seen from QB Michael Vick in practice: "I've seen him just be completely professional. He's done his job. He has come in and kept his head down and went to work. He's definitely not a Hollywood type guy; he comes in and does his thing. On the field, I see what he used to do against us—drop back and scramble a little bit and throwing nice balls out there. It's different until you get into the real game situation but, so far so good from for me. I'm excited to see what we can do if he can play this week."

On whether he thinks Vick is ready to play: "I think he's pretty ready. I'm not a quarterback or a quarterback coach so I wouldn't know exactly, but as a defensive guy watching I can tell you that he's ready."

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