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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On who will return kickoffs in CB Ellis Hobbs' absence: "[S] Quintin [Demps] will step into that role if he is healthy enough to play this week. If for some reason he wouldn't be able to then [WR] Jeremy Maclin would take over."

On the loss of Hobbs: "He had just hit his stride. He had a couple of nice returns against the Giants and obviously the good one against Dallas. It's a shame. You hate to see anybody get hurt, but we'll have to get someone else in there and I'm sure they'll step in and do a good job."

On whether he has spoken with Hobbs: "I have not. I haven't seen him after the game. I feel bad for him and I will get a chance to talk to him."

On who will be the gunners with CB Joselio Hanson out: "We're going to work some different guys in there. A variety of people will get an opportunity to do that. [WR] Reggie [Brown] will probably be one that will get some looks and we'll see how the week goes and see who is healthy and go from there."

On whether the injuries to the linebackers affects his coverage units: "Absolutely. We'll have to sort that out [and] see who is healthy as we go along. See what changes are going to be made on defense and then we'll adjust and adapt. Our linebackers have done a good job so whoever we have there I'm confident they'll do a good job."

On LB Akeem Jordan being crucial to the coverage unit: "He was. He was having a great year helping us out on special teams. It's a shame to see that happen. We're going to miss him. I don't think his injury is very severe. I think he'll be back soon, so we'll get someone to step in and do the job."

On game-planning for Chargers RB Darren Sproles: "You need to. I have a lot of respect for him. I think he is an excellent returner, very elusive, very quick. He's a big play waiting to happen. I don't watch offense and defense, but I'm sure he's a threat there also. He has done a great job for them. We're going to have to be really disciplined and be in our lanes to control him."

On RB Eldra Buckley's role on special teams: "He's done a great job. He has gotten better each and every week. He's a young guy. Usually a young guy, they go through a process of learning, there are some ups and downs, but he's just continually gotten better and he's doing a real good job for us."

On K David Akers: "I think David is having an excellent year. I know he's 16 of 19 on field goals, with a large amount of those being long-range field goals. I think he's having a very good year. He's kicked off consistently for us. He has done a nice job. I'm really pleased with him."

On Akers now compared to the years when he was a Pro Bowl player: "He's very similar. I was here when I think he set an NFL record for the amount of kicks over 40 yards [in 2004]. I assume that's been broken by this point. If he keeps going on the pace he's on now, whatever that record is I'm sure he's going to threaten it because I think he has about ten or eleven so far."

On whether he has received any information from Buckley on the Chargers special teams: "He has given us a little information obviously. Everybody from every team that you've played [on] that might have some information about what they might have done in the past while he was there, you always use that information. You try to be as prepared as possible. He has shared a few things with us, yes."

On whether head coach Andy Reid discussed the field goal taken at the end of the Cowboys game with him: "Before the game we get a feel for what the length of field goal we can try [is]. We go into the game with that mindset, if we get the ball to this position we can attempt a field goal. Dave was within that range and Andy made that decision and we just went with it. It was good to see Dave make that field goal."

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