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Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

On CB Dimitri Patterson's replacement: "(S) Quintin Demps will be taking over for Dimitri. Dimitri hurt his leg and it doesn't appear right now that he's going to be able to go. Quintin Demps will take over his positions and fill that role on Sunday."

On facing Raiders P Shane Lechler: "(He is) a very talented guy. I think the most important thing when you're facing someone like Shane is that the returner has to have an awareness of how deep he needs to align. I think that's the biggest thing. Having an awareness of that is going to be key in the game."

On the penalty on WR Jason Avant in the last game: "It goes into the same thing that it has all year, it's decision making. You see it week in and week out throughout the NFL on our team, on other teams, a guy's put in a position, he makes a decision that you would prefer he not make and it ends up being a penalty and we just have to get better at that."

On dealing with younger players on special teams: "Younger guys, you're trying to work them in, get them experience, and have them mature and understand he decisions that they make have an effect on the game. You always have to make good decisions. Whatever position you're playing whether it's special teams, offense, or defense you have to make good decisions."

On whether it is difficult for younger guys because they didn't play special teams in college: "That's exactly right. (FB) Leonard Weaver, (there are) a variety of players that we have that are having their first real dose of special teams play right now and they're learning as they go. And again, it's just a process. They just have to make better decisions."

On the progress that has been made on kickoff coverage: "From our perspective I think our coverage has improved each week. The guys are getting more disciplined, staying in their lanes, becoming more aware of the different schemes that we face and how they fit and where their responsibilities are within that coverage. I think we're making progress that way."

On covering against the wedge rule presenting a new challenge for special teams: "It does. Each team has their own philosophy of how they return kicks and punts and you just have to recognize the schemes that you are going to see that week and the guys to understand that and get them to be where they belong."

On whether he has ever seen K David Akers in a better groove than he is in thus far this season: "Dave is doing a good job. I think he has found a rhythm. At the end of the preseason I think he got into a good groove and a good rhythm. Whenever you are a kicker or punter, that's really critical. You want to get into a good rhythm and a good groove and he's obviously in one right now, we just have to keep him there."

On whether CB Ellis Hobbs is still the starting kick returner this week:"As of right now, going into the game Ellis will be the kickoff returner."

On who will be Hobbs' backup: "Quintin Demps will be his backup and we have all the confidence in the world in Quintin Demps. We know he is a quality returner."

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